Why does sleeping on a new mattress cause back pain?

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August 16, 2018
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August 16, 2018
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Why does sleeping on a new mattress cause back pain?

Back pain due to new mattress

When to change mattress? After about 10 years you should change your mattress for hygienic reasons. You want to sleep well after years and  buy a new mattress for your bedroom? If you have chosen in the wide range ( cold foam , spring core , latex , …) a model that suits you, there is still a lot to look forward to after the purchase. A new mattress means for the body a not to be underestimated conversion .

No matter if the old mattress for the preferred sleeping position , weight and sizesuitable or whether she was worn out or inappropriate – her own body was used to this article for years. If the body has been stored too soft, too tight, or not ergonomically correct, the muscles will use to support the spine . Getting used to a new mattress almost always leads to tension because the muscles had to take over the work of the sleep system before.

These tensions often feel like sore muscles and dissolve the faster the more you move. Therefore, you should not hesitate after buying a mattress, if you are uncomfortable at first. In most cases, this settles after the familiarization period. But how long should one wait? The Dormando sleep experts recommend to test extensively at home for several weeks, which is why every new mattress at Dormando can be tested for 100 days .

The familiarization phase with a new mattress pays off

Do you sleep poorly in the acclimatization period after purchasing and feel uncomfortable? This is normal, because after many years you have got used to the old mattress. In a way, changing over to a new mattress can be compared to braces or shoe inserts: at first it is very uncomfortable and pain can become a daily companion. In the medium and long term, however, an ergonomic, anatomically advantageous posture or position naturally leads to lasting results and in many cases prevents unforeseeable late effects. If the mattress meets the above individual requirements, the muscles can relax again and the intervertebral discscan absorb the lost fluid during the day. Over time, the conversion pays off – and healthy, restorative sleep ensures lasting quality of life. Bringing a new mattress into your bedroom that suits you well can boost your health. But how long should the acclimatization take and what should one pay attention to? Are there any tips that make the topic of retuning easier?

How long does the conversion take?

When to exchange mattress? Considering that your body has been used to a saggy mattress for several years , switching to a newer mattress after mattressing can take longer – whether it’s a cold foam, latex or spring mattress , Nevertheless, one should use the new mattress directly, so that the body can adapt as quickly as possible. There are no great tips, apart from ‘eyes to and through’. The average value is often 4 weeks , so 2 to 6 weeks can be quite normal. Considering that we sleep a third of our lives , which is equivalent to 120 days a year, it becomes clear that a completely new mattress from the body can not be adopted overnight. However, these numbers are relative to the benefits of having a well-balanced new mattress for years to come. In malpositions of the spine, orthopedic surgeons speak of a posturethat the body adopts and only has to “unlearn” again – pay attention and  give your body the time!

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