Why Do Anxiety And Stress Result In Temporary Vision Problems?

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August 23, 2018
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Why Do Anxiety And Stress Result In Temporary Vision Problems?

How stress affects your vision

Stress is something that affects us all at some time in our lives. Personal problems, worries because of work or a simple traffic jam on the road can lead to moments of greater anxiety that end up affecting our health.

There are many points in our body that can be harmed by stress, and one of them is sight . Here we will explain what are those vision problems that can appear when you are stressed and what you can do to solve them.

Tremors in the eyes

The tremors in the eyes appear in the times of greater stress , and can be worrisome for those who suffer them. In reality, it is usually a temporary problem and does not present any serious problem, more than the small annoyance while they happen.

Although it may seem that the eyes tremble, what trembles is the muscle of Müller , a small muscle whose function is to raise the eyelid. In fact, stress and nerves are not the only causes of this discomfort, but may also appear because of certain habits, such as smoking, caffeine or lack of sleep.

In general, the tremor in the eyelids caused by stress usually disappears after a while , but if it persists, it is best to go to a consultation in which they can determine if it is related to any other more serious pathology.

Eye inflammation

Eye inflammation is another of the most common consequences of stress on the eyes. This inflammation is related to serous maculopathy , a pathology that manifests through the inflammation of the central part of the retina. This can lead to a loss in the perception of details, colors or, even, in the ability to read.

Serous maculopathy can also cause blurred vision or, in the most extreme cases, a loss of vision. Although in these last scenarios it may seem somewhat alarming, it is also usually temporary, and the view recovers after a period of rest and a reduction in stress .

As with eye tremors, if eye inflammation and loss of vision are prolonged, it is advisable to consult a specialist to rule out more serious problems.

How can vision problems caused by stress be avoided?

Although it may seem complicated at times, there are ways to reduce the incidence of eye stress. In fact, the most effective is to change certain habits and opt for a more relaxed lifestyle , so that stress appears as little as possible and reduces its incidence in the eyesight and in other aspects of our health.

But, if you notice any of these problems in your eyes and think they are related to stress, the first thing you should do is rest your eyes and relax . Modern life habits, in which computer screens, mobile phones and television predominate, tend to have an impact on these problems and even more so when a sedentary lifestyle takes place and is characterized by long working hours and lack of time to disconnect.

If you manage to reduce your stressful moments, your eyesight will thank you, as well as your general health.

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