What yoga postures help with back pain?

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July 9, 2018
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July 10, 2018
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What yoga postures help with back pain?

5 yoga exercises for back pain

Having discomfort in the back is a constant today, where we spend many hours sitting and suffering stress. A back pain can ruin your day and lower productivity in your daily tasks so you may find these 5 yoga exercises for back pain very useful They are simple, make yourself comfortable and we will try to relax and be energetic for tomorrow.

Exercise 1 – Feline position

Rest your knees and palms on the floor, as if it were a cat. Keep your back straight. Now take a breath, as you do, bend the spine down, then throw the air out of the stomach and arch the back out. In the same way as cats do when they are angry and ready to attack, of course, in this case you are calm. Without any worries, do it as many times as you want, you will feel how the muscles and bones of your back relax.

Exercise 2 – Improve posture

What you should do in this yoga exercise is to put your hands and knees on the floor, then with your hands move up to align them completely with your shoulders. That is to say that your arms are extended. Now lift your knees off the floor and stretch your legs helping with the toes.

Exercise 3 – Squat

Strengthening the muscles of the back is not an easy task, perhaps swimming is achieved more quickly. Anyway, this exercise will help you eliminate the pain. Stand up and put your feet aligned with your arms. Inhale and exhale carefully, now bend your knees as if you were going to sit down. Then you must throw your arms forward and stay there for a second.

Exercise 4 – Stretching forward

Stand up with your arms at your sides, inhale and then take them up. Now bend your back forward.

When you are in this position you can take the ankles with your hands to help you, if you do not reach it is okay to take your calves. With this yoga exercise you will feel how the entire lower back is gently stretched . When you get up do it slowly by turning your back to one side, do not get up suddenly because you can injure yourself.

Exercise 5 – Triangle

What you must do is stand up and stretch your right leg, then try to reach with the arm on that side the foot you stretched. At that time your hip is inclined towards a sense helping you to reach the goal. The idea is that the left arm extends over your body and it reaches the triangle-shaped position. Your face should look in the opposite direction to the stretched extremities. It’s simple, now you must change sides and that’s it.

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