What were your thoughts on stress?

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August 2, 2018
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August 3, 2018
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What were your thoughts on stress?

It’s all about how we deal with stress, problems, worries, defeats and setbacks. Our thoughts have enormous power … .if we give them to them …. How much and what power do you give your negative thoughts? Are you aware of that? Va, if life does not seem to have meant well with you, you’ve been pretty shaken up and knocked over?

How do you react to difficulties, tragedies, crises, setbacks? As a small child, we learn to walk, fall steadily at first, but do not think about it, but just get up and walk on. We still have absolute confidence in ourselves. And how is it later with difficulties? When we got older and made our life experiences?

While some lie down, throw the shotgun in the towel, sink into self-pity and take everything very much to heart, others get up, knock the dust out of their clothes and carry on … different, better ….

Most people experience at least one tragedy or a severe setback in their lives.

Just today I talked to a friend for a long time and I became aware of how many times I have already strained my guardian angel and what I actually trained for a mental strength due to my sometimes life-threatening experiences. Trigger was our conversation about my next week’s upcoming lecture on mental strength. We came to Sully, the pilot, who then managed the emergency landing in the Hudson River with an incredible nerve strength. I had looked at all the existing videos and interviews on this occasion. And the best … he still flies, at least privately! And many passengers then flew back.

Or look at the Shaolin monks … how can you hit an iron bar on the head so that the head stays without damage, but the iron bar breaks ??? !!! Can you focus your energy on one place? I can not. But you see, mental strength can be learned. It does not have to be the iron bar on the head or the spearhead in the neck. But who does not want a more confident handling of difficult life situations?

Yes, I admit it. I can be quite confident, in difficult groups, for example, where others would most like to run away, so I can play to the max because I know I’m not going to like that, and I’m not taking the lead and destroying the group. Or when a client starts to hyperventilate in fear. No problem, I’ll stay calm and he’ll be calm again. And it happens when he knows me and trusts me, never again. But there are sometimes quite harmless situations, because you can also “pinch” me … Fortunately or strangely only in private contacts, if I have the feeling that someone considers me incompetent, inexperienced, weak, does not appreciate me, gives himself a lot capable, strong, experienced … although the one and I know for sure that I have at least the same potential. That is still my “training task”, my lesson, which I should still learn 😉 … I annoy me afterwards about myself, because I realize that was not ME. That was my little child. Why ;-)?

You have the choice, grow to the challenge or put your head in the sand.

Many react with setbacks / depressions with depression and uncertainty and are unable to imagine a positive future. Depending on how deep you sink into self-pity, it will take time to get out of this temporary low. The more those affected manage to focus on the positive and become active, the faster they will be able to return to their original state.

” We increase our mental strength and resilience by abandoning negative patterns of behavior and thinking, such as sinking into self-pity, anticipating immediate success, or dreading being alone. Instead, we look forward to change, defeating our fears, becoming happy and successful! ” 
Amy Morin

Stress, anxiety and insecurity, however, affect our performance and lead to the failure of projects.

When our thoughts revolve around problems and difficulties, it takes away a lot of energy. Because every thought is energy. And feelings are thoughts implemented in the body. Sorrowful feelings and fears weaken us. Tarnish our attitude to life. I see a lot of clients who develop depression as a result. Yes, life sometimes contains quite a lot of challenges, as soon as one is over, the next one is just around the corner.

It is all the more important for our sense of life, in these phases, hard as they are, to consciously focus on what works, what is beautiful, what we can rejoice in, that it is there. To appreciate and be grateful no matter how obvious or vain it seems.

  • It does not have to be a wealth, a big party or an action, it can just be the arm of the partner, the smile of a stranger on the street or a very friendly service.
  • Just take a break from the worries and burdens.
  • Let the stress level drop. Our body will thank us. Our nerves too. And finally we ourselves.
  • It can be through meditation.
  • It also goes with the success diary, where we consciously record in writing what we have already achieved and mastered everything in our lives.
  • Or with the Positive Diary, where every night we record 3 positive things for which we can be grateful today. Before going to bed, these aspects work particularly well in the subconscious.
  • Only by asking to find and find positives does your focus change. My clients are always surprised and pleased. Try it.
  • Or the practice of Vera Birkenbiehl, smiling for 60 seconds every day in the mirror.
  • In depth I recommend you also my blog articles.

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