What three core exercises should I do every day to strengthen my back and prevent lower back pain?

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June 27, 2018
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June 27, 2018
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What three core exercises should I do every day to strengthen my back and prevent lower back pain?

How to relieve back pain? In this article I will explain my method. The one I observed in my practice and which proved to be the most effective. You will learn the program of 6 exercises  and 4 stretches  to do at home. You will also discover my 12 best tips ( plus a bonus ).

The good news ?

You can do everything at home without spending a dime. You are in the best position to relieve your back pain. YOU have to do the exercises at home to get better.

This program has 3 goals : a strong and effective abdominal and dorsal strap. Stronger legs to carry you. And a more mobile body to better realize all the movements of everyday life. It is suitable for back pain as well as low back pain.

Why do I have back pain and why does it come back?

You do not find it odd that everyone, suddenly, suffers from the back? What are you taking pain medications to treat you? Or that you will be massaged at the physiotherapist? Or that you go to be manipulated at the osteo? And that in the end, the problem comes back 1 month, 3 months or 1 year later?

Conclusion  : the problem is simply not solved.

I have seen in the field that in the majority of cases, the back pain comes from weakness of your muscles ! Which means that when you do not strengthen your muscles, you work in the wind. A bit like trying to empty the water that gets into your boat without plugging the hole in the hull!

And yes, if the muscles are not able to stabilize and protect your back , the problem will always come back. No need to be an engineer or mathematician to conclude that!

Which muscles will relieve back pain?

It’s your deep muscles that are too weak. Do you know that your abdominals are actually composed of 4 layers? That’s why we always talk about it in the plural.

There are also the muscles located all along your spine ( the spine erectors ), the deep muscles of your pelvis, your diaphragm. In short, that muscles that we do not see!

You have to ask yourself, ” Why are these muscles ineffective at home ?”

The main concern of our current lifestyle is the sedentary lifestyle . We do not move much because of the rhythm subway job dodo ( we could add depression … ). The less you move, the weaker your muscles become. They can no longer stabilize your back and your vertebrae.

So when you make a move, the column is kind of a little “wobbly”. Imagine an old cabin whose roof only needs to collapse at the slightest gust of wind …

The slightest false movement , the slightest effort or the bad posture and you can get stuck. The pain sets in and it becomes unbearable.

As you do not move, your muscles are too weak . Take a body builder and prevent him from lifting cast iron for 2 years. He will deflate like a balloon!

Scientific studies conducted on low back pain ( low back pain ) show that these famous muscles are the first affected and the first responsible for instability of the back 1 ) ( 2 ).

You will have to reinforce these famous muscles. The ideal for this is the cladding exercises 3 ).

Before going into the heart of the matter, small thought to those who are “blocked” and suffer terribly. Too much to do any exercise. The next lines are for you. For others, who can get up from their bed, you can directly attack the exercise program.

I am stuck, I hurt too much! What should I do to relieve myself?

ULTRA IMPORTANT ACCURACY  : If your pain has occurred after a big fall or an accident, consult a doctor directly. It is the same if you suffer martyrdom and you feel changes in a leg such as: tingling, coldness, loss of sensitivity or strength. Thank you !

I give you natural remedies to relieve you. Here are the good reflexes:

• Put warm ( 10 to 15 minutes / 3 to 4 times a day ) with a hot water bottle.

•  The massage ! This is the BONUS  of this article! Here is my video to learn my back massage technique and be able to pamper you!

• Stay in bed as short as possible ( max 1d ). The less you move, the longer it goes

•  Walk 2 to 3 times a day for 15 minutes. The movement is a great pain reliever!

 Test a grandmother’s remedy. I am not a specialist, I direct you to these different solutions .

It’s far better to relieve back pain naturally than to stuff yourself with medication. Now that you’ve come out of the red zone, it’s so much to get to the heart of the matter!

The 4-step protocol to relieve back pain

Step 1: Your 6-exercise program.

No blah, no hassle. Rather than waste your time ( and mine ) on writing and describing the movements, here is my explanatory video.

I explain the whole protocol, divided into two phases, depending on your level:

• Phase 1 over a month: to be done every 2 days. It will take you about 20 minutes.

• Phase 2 “maintenance”: 2 to 3 times a week minimum.

And yes, if you do not do maintenance, your problem will come back! The ball is in your camp …

This protocol is super efficient. At first it’s a bit difficult but you will quickly progress . And then tell yourself that if you find it hard, it’s proof that your muscles are limited!

So we can go to step 2 of the protocol.

Step 2: The 4 stretches against back pain.

The stiffness of the lower limbs is another factor that comes into play in back pain. The stiffness of the muscles of the back of the thigh ( hamstrings ), glutes and psoas influence the mobility of your back.

And yes, sitting in front of your desk 8 hours a day does not just weaken your muscles. It creates muscle stiffness that can cause serious concern.

So we will tackle it through the stretching program (described in my video).

Bonus : small exercise advised by the coach Christophe Carrio. It aims to mobilize the vertebrae of your back ( to add to stretching ). It is effective because it helps to restore mobility to your vertebrae.

Now you know how to build muscles and how to make yourself more mobile and flexible. It’s time for me to show you what to avoid . Better be sure not to ruin all your efforts with bad habits!

Step 3: Gestures and postures to avoid

On this infographic , you can visualize the gestures likely to pose a problem in your life. And especially correct them!

The trap in which you must not fall: be afraid to move . Just do the right thing. But above all do not transform into robocop, with the trunk all stiff and the fear of moving.

Remember the 4 golden rules:

Rule # 1 : Do not force with the back folded . This is where sheathing makes sense, you’ll understand.

Rule # 2 : Do not stay long with your back bent , curved or tilted. But if it’s just for a short while, no problem!

Rule # 3 : Tighten your stomach and abs when pushing, lifting or lifting an object. It’s your most effective means of protection!

Rule # 4 : Work your thighs to the maximum by bending your legs so as not to force your back.

I do not know if you noticed, but all the exercises of my program respect this logic . It is not a coincidence ! A strong and effective abdominal strap and deep muscles. Stronger legs to carry you. And a more mobile body to better realize all the movements of everyday life.

You understand that your worst enemy is inactivity . Now that you’ve come all this way, you’ll have to put the last brush stroke to turn your body into a true work of art!

Step 4: Choose a suitable physical activity.

The best remedy for relieving back pain is physical activity ! Your worst enemy: inactivity!

So, a day spent on Earth without doing a minimum of 30 minutes of walking a day , it’s a wasted day in your life. In any case for your health. You can choose between:

The brisk walk ( 4 to 6km / h ): it is accessible to the majority of people.

Swimming:  Swimming yes, but no matter how and not just any type of swimming! It is the back crawl  (link to consult) which wins all the votes to fight against the back pain. Avoid the breaststroke and the butterfly.

Cycling:  It is important to know how to adjust your seat height . According to Vincent Blondeau ( cycling ergonomics specialist ), on a classic bike, just have your leg stretched when you put the heel of your shoe on the pedal. The bust will be inclined at 60% ( approximately ). This means that the handlebars will be 2 to 6 cm lower than the saddle. If you can adjust the seatback, follow this method: “When the crank handle is horizontal forward, a plumb line aligned with the back of your kneecap will pass through the axis of the pedal ( a vertical ) “.

Bodybuilding:  It’s a perfect activity for your body . You do not have to do it in the gym and lift weights in front of a mirror. As Jérémy, sports coach of the blog “TreeningLife” explains,   “Starting out in bodybuilding is not so complicated, there are only two really important criteria: the exercises must be polyarticular (which monopolize several articulations) and sufficiently varied to make the body work as a whole (both the torso and back and legs) “.  Its  5 exercises program , simple and complete, is ideal for you to start.

Running  : it strengthens your intervertebral discs by increasing their thickness and hydration (5) . This disc is the cushion cushion between your vertebrae. It is 80% composed. Dehydration of this disc is often closely linked with the appearance of the famous disc herniation ! Just follow my article  “Start Running: Beginner’s Guide to Anti-Injury” to make no mistake.

If you have followed my program and you maintain the machine, you can do any sport! From the moment when your muscles are strong, you can choose an activity that makes you happy ( avoid rigorous parachute jump! ).

For those who are sporty and who want to evolve the cladding exercises, Congratulations, you did a lot of work! Now that you have done the hard part, I want to reward you. It’s time to deliver my 12 best tips for preventing back pain. This is the moment to put all the chances on his side!

My 12 best tips for relieving and preventing back pain

Do not want your back pain to start again? So follow my advice!

1) Continue your maintenance exercise program

What will happen if I stop everything? Your problem will come back! I will not lie to you … You know what you have to do.

2) Do not be afraid to move and play sports!

This is an opportunity to get into a physical activity that attracts you. To perform physical prowess that seemed inaccessible before. Make yourself happy. Sport is the best health medication with food.


Your overall health, your joint pains, your headaches … All will depend on what you put on your plate! Here is my healthy plate to help you take the right reflexes:

We forget all too often but your daily diet is the most effective treatment you can offer. By eating healthy you limit pain and inflammation, improve cellular repair and do a lot of good for your health. To find out if your eating habits are healthy, consult my method and my free advice to evaluate them:

As a bonus , and for those who want to learn a nice thing about the link between diet and back pain, go to the next paragraph.

4) Your stress, your anxieties and your fatigue influence the pain in your back. 

The more you are stressed and tired, the more difficult your pain will be. These are even factors that can influence the appearance of the problem. Look after your sleep . Work on yourself and your stress. Why not try relaxation ?

5) Limit the time spent in the sitting position.

People who sit more than eight hours a day increase the risk of mortality by 60% . In the office as well as in the car, take breaks to get up and walk for at least 5 minutes every 2 hours.

As soon as you can, take the stairs, go back and forth in the corridors. In addition, staying too long sitting down also decreases the performance of your brain . You are less efficient at work.

6) Do not abuse the lumbar belt.

Put on your lumbar belt as little as possible. If the pain is too intense, wear it. But really only if the belt allows you to get up and walk.

If you wear it every day, your muscles take advantage of it to work less so they become weaker. And so it goes the opposite of what I explain to you from the beginning …

7) Consult an osteopath.

And I do not say that because I’m an osteopath! This naturally relieves back pain. It is also a very good way of prevention. The principle of osteopathy: to give back to your body all its capacities of movement. A body that moves well is a body that goes well!

Cranial and visceral tensions and loss of tissue and joint mobility are sources of many pains. The exercise program I gave you can only improve the effect of osteopathy.

8) Do yoga.

The best is to try! And now, thanks to the Internet, you can have access to video courses on YouTube. Find a selection of Yoga YouTube channels on this link.

Do not hesitate to inquire with your city or neighborhood. Many associations now offer classes. It is the same in business, with courses given on the lunch break.

9) Stop smoking.

Your risk of suffering from lower back pain would be multiplied by 1.3 if you  smoke  . That of having  sciatica would also be increased. Less good vascularity and poor tissue repair can explain these numbers …

10) Pay attention to your bedding and your sleeping position.

If you have not changed your mattress for over 10 years and it looks more like a bowl, it’s time to invest. Same with respect to the pillow. Without breaking the bank, all you have to do is choose a firm mattress and a pillow of the right thickness.

Position is also important.  will bring you all the information and no conflict of financial interest ( hard to find on the internet ).

11) Take care of yourself and your health.

This is the best advice I have to give you. Take care of yourself and your body . It is thanks to him that you can move and turn your thoughts and desires into action!

12) Buy a big balloon!

This is one of the best solutions to work your deep muscles when you sit. It is also one of the best ways to correct the sitting position. Indeed, the big ball requires you to stand straight.

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