What should I do to feel less stressed?

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July 23, 2018
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July 23, 2018
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What should I do to feel less stressed?

25 tips to make you feel better again

  1. Listen to your favorite music.
  2. Do sports! Go jog. Do some athletic activity that you enjoy. No matter which sport, when we move we get a “free head” again. Not only that, after training our body also releases happiness hormones! Exercise is my personal favorite to get a good mood.
  3. Watch a comedy, or some funny TV show.
  4. Smile! Make some funny faces in front of the mirror. It’s impossible not to get in good shape while you’re smiling.
  5. Get out in the fresh air and take a walk. Short walks are enough to get a clear head again.
  6. Do something good for yourself. Treat yourself to a wellness day with sauna, whirlpool and massage. Or. spoil yourself at home with a nice bath!
  7. Delete a few things from your diary and to-do list to relieve yourself. Often, some people make their calendars so busy with appointments that they forget themselves and do not pay attention to scheduling “appointments” and times for themselves as well.
  8. Make your daily tasks rather small steps, if you can not get ahead.
  9. Consider the reasons, ask yourself why you are in such a bad mood.
  10. Sing! Listen to your favorite music and sing to it.
  11. Do something you enjoy, paint, craft or play paintball with friends. No matter, the main thing you just have fun and enjoy the cause and distract yourself.
  12. If you feel really bad, just write down your feelings!
  13. Be aware that the phase of bad mood is over soon.
  14. Call a good friend and tell him how bad you feel.
  15. Eat something, but something healthy! Many people do not eat anything when they are in a bad mood, or they eat too much and stuff themselves with unhealthy food such as chips, pizza and fries.
  16. Avoid (too much) alcohol. Alcohol is the next day in a listless mood. Because the body is dehydrated by the alcohol overnight.
  17. Get dressed when you go out or buy new clothes that you like. Just make sure you feel comfortable with what you are wearing.
  18. Lie down to sleep feeling powerless, tired and impotent. Give yourself and your body time to recover.
  19. Meditate.
  20. Just ask yourself if the whole thing is not a kind of test and you can not learn something from it for your life?
  21. Be social. Spend time with people you love. Like family, relatives or friends.
  22. Become aware that only you can make yourself happy. Just ask yourself: “Why should I make myself unhappy now, even if I can just be happy?”
  23. Read a book to distract yourself.
  24. Write down 10 things for which you are grateful.
  25. If you have to cry, then cry, that’s normal. But do not forget to look forward and stay optimistic.

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