What Position Should I Sleep In If I Have Severe Neck Pain?

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August 31, 2018
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What Position Should I Sleep In If I Have Severe Neck Pain?

The best sleeping position for neck pain

‘My sleep is sacred to me’ – it is said so beautifully. Mind and body have the opportunity to rest and relax during the sleep phase. But what if the night’s sleep is stopped every morning by pain in the neck and back ? Nearly half of the population suffers regularly from complaints in this area.

The reasons are very numerous and also very different. Blame-sided loads, for example, wrong movements , lack of exercise , mental stress and so many more. A common trigger for neck pain can also be a wrong position during sleep , which puts additional strain on the neck area instead of relieving it. This raises the question: Which sleeping position for neck pain is an advantage?

Which sleeping position with neck pain?

There are many sleeping positions and each person prefers a different one.
It is important to know which positions relieve pressure on the back and neck and which tend to promote tension , which is disadvantageous for people who are prone to neck pain. In the following we want to take a closer look at these positions and investigate the question of which sleeping position is particularly good for neck pain.

The supine position is a gentle sleeping position

The supine position is generally one of the gentlest for the spine and can reduce or prevent neck and back pain . Always make sure that your pillow adjusts well to the spine and in this position is also relatively thin so that it does not cause any tension. In adults, the arms are usually in the supine position laterally next to the body. If, on the other hand, the arms are stretched upwards over the head, tension and thus pain can occur, especially in the shoulder area.

The lateral position must be carried out correctly

The side position during sleep can look different and be different back and neck gentle. It must be questioned here exactly which sleep position is helpful for neck pain. Positioning the arms straight in the lateral position optimally supports the natural curvature of the spine. The muscles in the neck and back can relax and painful muscle tensioncan be avoided . On the other hand, if you sleep in the lateral position on one arm, you may experience pain from trapped nerves.

The fetal position can cause painful tension

The so-called fetal position or embryo position called, in which one curls up sideways and pulls the knees in the direction of the upper body may be for your one or the other a comfortable and on cold days quite warm sleeping position . But the spine becomes extremely curved and it can lead to painful tension .

Sleeping on the stomach promotes neck pain

Sleeping on the stomach generally has a negative effect on the well-being of the neck. In this sleeping position, it is easy for the nerve cords in the neck area to be unfavorably loaded by the rotation of the head on the left or right side, causing the muscles to tense up. If you are prone to neck pain after sleep, make sure to avoid prone as much as possible.

The best sleeping position in pregnancy

Women who expect a child should sleep well and relax sufficiently. But this is easier said than done, as the restful sleep becomes more difficult with each week of pregnancy. The physical condition for a relaxed sleeping posture becomes more and more complicated.

So sleep as it is comfortable!

Everyone has a preferred sleeping position. For pregnant women, as for everyone else, the sleeping position is right, which is comfortable. Those who used to be abdominal or backsleepers can maintain this position during the first few months of pregnancy, if it is comfortable and allows them to sleep well. Over time, many pregnant women get used to the more comfortable side position due to the baby’s growing belly and rising weight.

In the back and prone position, it can cause physical problems. Well suited is the left lateral position, as it exerts less pressure and the body is generally relieved. For the baby, this position is also beneficial, as it is supplied thanks to the improved blood flow of the mother in the situation best possible with the important nutrients.

What is the healthiest sleeping position?

The supine position is the best lying position. Head, neck and spine are held in a neutral position and thus relieved. The risk is lower in this position that report back and neck pain. Heartburn can also be avoided by positioning the head higher with a good cushion. In addition, wrinkling is minimized because the face does not rest and dirt and oils contained on the cover can cause facial blemishes.

Which sleeping position is particularly unhealthy?

The prone position is the most unhealthy, because it leads to bruising of the internal organs due to the massive pressure. Blood circulation is reduced, breathing is impeded and nerves can become trapped in this position. The body has to do a great deal, instead of being able to recover at night. Belly sleepers thus harm their body. In addition, the cervical vertebrae are significantly twisted, as the head is usually angled away to the side in pacifiers. This can lead to neck tension and blockages. Head, shoulder and back pain are other common complaints.

Which sleeping position is best for back pain?

For back pain, the supine position is recommended, because the head, neck and spine are kept in a neutral position. Those affected should sleep on a cushion that does not allow the head to sink in too well and instead support well in the right places. The supine position is also particularly suitable to prevent back pain, so that it also serves to prevent.

People with back problems and joint pain can also sleep in the side position. The legs are usually slightly bent in this sleeping position and the knees are pulled slightly towards the chest. This is good for back problems as the back muscles are stretched. The arms should be down, because this relieves the spine.

Which sleeping position is ideal for shoulder pain?

For shoulder pain, the side position is good, with the arms are directed upwards. In this sleeping position, each side is used so that there is no one-sidedness regarding the stress on the joints. An orthopedic optimal sleep system is ideal for people with shoulder pain. It ensures that a healthy posture is taken. The pressure is distributed evenly on the body and the muscles, ligaments and tendons can regenerate. In addition, a matched to the sleeping position cushion is needed.

What you should think about when sleeping

No matter which sleep position is preferred for neck pain, you should not forget the importance of the question on what you bedding. To support a relaxed sleeping position, you should pay attention to a quality pillow and a mattress that fits your body .

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