What is the reasons for stress?

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July 25, 2018
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July 25, 2018
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What is the reasons for stress?

In addition, situations are perceived and evaluated differently by people. What was a stressful day in the office for one, is not worth mentioning for the other. To know: “What causes stress for me?” Is therefore the most important step to reduce stress.


There are always stress situations in everyday life, which we find unpleasant, stressful or even threatening. The list gives an overview of the stress triggers:

  • Permanent noise (eg at the workplace, in the city)
  • Pollution from the environment
  • Stressful weather, such as strong cold or heat, storm
  • Tight (eg in the subway, in crowds)
  • traffic jam
  • Time pressure, waiting times (eg at the train station)
  • deadlines
  • Illness (especially pain but also worries)
  • Criticism, negative feedback
  • unemployment
  • debts
  • Sensory overload

Constant music (not necessarily loud)


Also, we can rarely directly influence the internal stress factors, because many are deeply rooted in our personal development and education. Many behaviors and reactions are created during childhood and accompany us throughout our lives. They are like a filter with which we view and classify situations, challenges or even threats that are pounding on us.

The list gives an overview of the possible internal stressors:

  • High standards
  • High or many expectations
  • The claim to do everything right or even perfect
  • Unfulfilled wishes and ideas
  • Low load capacity, fast feeling of excessive demands
  • Low self esteem
  • Can not say no


Psychosocial stress factors are most prevalent in dealing with people and our relationships. They range from stress at work, family quarrels, to loss, separation and death. The list gives an overview of the possible psychosocial stressors:

  • mobbing
  • argument
  • Unresolved conflicts
  • To little time for each other
  • Money worries (eg for the care of the family)
  • pressure to perform
  • separation
  • fear of loss
  • death


What can cause stress? This is not only the question of employees, but also of employers who want to ensure the most pleasant working atmosphere possible. Stress at work can be caused by many circumstances. For example, a bad room climate can cause stressful work, as well as the feeling of being under-challenged. The list gives an overview of the possible occupational stressors:

  • Too many tasks
  • Too few tasks
  • Too difficult tasks
  • Information overload (customers, phone calls, e-mails, colleagues)
  • competitor
  • pressure
  • mobbing
  • gossiping
  • conflicts
  • Too much responsibility
  • Lack of appreciation
  • Too little responsibility
  • Constant disturbances
  • Bad room climate
  • Shift work, onerous working hours


Stress can be encountered everywhere. Not only at work, but also at home in the family, in friendships, in the sports club or in the supermarket. Stress is often predictable, but not predictable. He “passes” us. Therefore, it is very important to know your own limits. If you know which stressors are effective, you can use targeted coping strategies to train and prevent the handling of stress.

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