What Is The Best Way To Reduce Knee Pain And Make Them Strong Naturally?

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What Is The Best Way To Reduce Knee Pain And Make Them Strong Naturally?

Our knees have to endure a lot: Every day we bend them more than 1000 times on average. With every walk, the multiple of our body weight weighs on them. In order for the largest and most complex of our joints to stay fit despite continuous loading, we should take action.

Millions of people complain of inflamed, swollen or aching knees. No wonder: no other joint is stressed and strained every day as much as this one. It’s not just sprinting or skiing that has to withstand tremendous pressure: with every squat, the largest and most complex of our joints carries seven to eight times our weight.

To stop it from crunching, pinching or hurting with every bend or stretch sooner or later, exercise is important. A good alternative to a gym or sports field is aerobics or Zumba: the combination of dance and fitness gets the body going, letting the pounds tumble and encouraging mobility and strength.

This benefits not least the knees: Regular training also improves the metabolism and circulation of the knee joint significantly. In addition, a strengthened musculature protects against knee joint injuries and diseases.

To prevent overuse of the musculoskeletal system, a moderate, age-appropriate and not too intensive training is recommended. If you have existing problems with your foot or knee joints, you may want to do without exercise altogether or discuss a gentle procedure with an orthopedist.

Two exercises for healthy knees

1. Lay flat on your back and lift one leg. Pull the foot towards the buttocks. After a few seconds stretch out again. Repeat this a dozen times with each foot.

2. Sit on the table and let your legs swing freely. As a result, the synovial fluid spreads over the entire cartilage surface of the knee joint. Cartilage nutrition is significantly improved.

The best sports for healthy knees

Whether zumba, running or jogging – regular sports without exaggerated ambition is “the best medicine”. Muscles, tendons and ligaments are strengthened in a healthy way – of course, a slow warm-up and bodybuilding always provided. To be particularly knee-friendly

  • swim
  • hike
  • Gymnastics or aquagym

Simple measures in everyday life

The (knee) health equally beneficial are regular cycling trips to work or shopping. Bad loads, as they can occur while running, are almost impossible here. All muscles that stabilize the knee are trained.

But even smaller steps can make a difference. One of the simplest precautionary measures: climbing stairs more often than taking the elevator. Each level strengthens the muscles, stimulates the knee metabolism and thus prevents osteoporosis.

Sitting in the car, office or armchair for hours at a time increases the need to be active: if a joint lasts longer in a rigid position, the cartilage layer becomes permanently stressed in one place and loses excessively joint fluid. This happens more often during the day, so the risk of cartilage damage increases rapidly – just as if a garment is always claimed in the same place and forms a hole.

  • Change the working or sitting position as often as possible.
  • Get up every now and then.
  • Go short distances.
  • Stretch your knees more often at your desk.

This puts strain on the joints

In addition to lack of exercise is long standing “poison” for the knee. Because then the full body weight on the junction between upper and lower leg bones. Better always take a breather while sitting and dangle your legs several times a day. This promotes the formation of synovial fluid.

As far as possible you should avoid working longer in a standing position (for example when mounting or crafting) as well as strong knee flexions, such as cross-leggedness or frequent squatting. Also problematic are the following sports:

  • Soccer
  • handball
  • squash
  • tennis
  • rowing
  • To ski

When turning the knee under load, typical for kicking or skiing, the cartilage-protecting menisci are particularly susceptible to injury.

Instead of wearing high heels that complicate the stretching of the joints, better wear flat shoes with a soft sole. They dampen vibrations when walking and protect the joints. The same applies to a “bearable” body weight. Because strong obesity is one of the major risk factors for osteoarthritis or other knee problems.

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