What Causes Low Back Pain Only When Running?

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August 6, 2018
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What Causes Low Back Pain Only When Running?

If you have a really demanding run in front of you, you might almost expect your legs to be tired, your lungs burning, and you feeling drained. What you might expect less is back pain. Surprisingly, however, many runners suffer from it – especially those who are less experienced or do not have clean running techniques and weak back muscles (which applies to most of us!). If you’ve ever had back pain after (or during) running, then you know how uncomfortable and painful it can be.

A woman and a man are walking up the stairs


Your back plays a major role in running. When you walk, you keep your body straight – sometimes for a really long time – and your back has to work with the rest of your body to keep moving and upright.

How your lower back feels depends very much on the stability of your midsection and how well you coordinate your legs. Running requires your core muscles, which support your spine and lower back, while your midline, hips, muscles, and thigh muscles need to work together to keep you stable. When a muscle or muscle group gets tired, your lower back needs to do its job so that your posture stays upright and you can continue walking. This can lead to pain; in the worst case even to injuries.

On the other hand, if you feel more pain in the upper than lower back, the problem is often your head posture. That may sound surprising, but it’s true that if you hurt your upper back while running, it’s often the cause of you stretching your head too far forward. This strains your upper back unnecessarily. It may also be that your arms are not entirely innocent at their misery. Keeping your arms too close to your body or lifting them too high, pulling your shoulders too close to your ears (which often happens when your body gets tired) can put a strain on your upper body.


Strength and strength training are great for the prevention of back pain. You need a strong center of body to support your back muscles and strong, flexible legs (buttocks, hip muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings) to keep your body straight and stable while you walk.

Therefore, it is really important that you incorporate cross training and strengthening exercises into your training routine! If you want to run more distances, you have to take good care of your body and strengthen the muscles that keep your body moving and upright – that’s how easy it is.


Luckily, there are ways to relieve your back and make you feel better while running – sometimes without asking your legs 🙂

If you want to say backache while running adé, try the following three strengthening exercises:


One of my favorite exercises for strengthening your midsection is Ball Pikes – this exercise not only gives you the work of your midsection and back, but also improves the flexibility and flexibility of your hips. During the exercise, lie down on an exercise ball with your shins and place your hands flat on the floor, slightly wider than the shoulder width, and keep your arms straight. Now roll the ball towards your chest and pull your butt up as far as you can without bending your legs. Hold this position briefly and then slowly roll the ball back. Repeat the exercise as often as you can, about 10 to 20 times, for three rounds.


If the rest of your life is just an exercise to strengthen your pumkins , hamstrings, and mid body, which also improves your hip stability, balance, and overall stability, then it should be this: put your feet at waist width. Pull one knee up and stretch out your leg, if possible, in front of you. Stretch your arms upwards, with your palms facing inwards (for the extra challenge, hold a medicine ball).Hold the position. Then pull the stretched leg backwards and bend your body so that it resembles a “T”. Repeat the exercise on each side of the body 10 times, for three rounds.


A strong body center and moving hips are really important if you want to walk painlessly – that’s why I love bicycle crunches. They strengthen your body center and improve the flexibility and flexibility of your hips. Lay flat on your back, bend your knees and keep your shins parallel to the ground. Then put on one leg and try to touch the elbow of the opposite arm, then do the same with the other leg and elbows. Make sure you always wear your heels. Try 20 Bicycle Crunches (10 on each side) for three rounds.

Running is a high-impact activity that puts a strain on the body, especially in the lower back area. A crosstraining exercise consisting of these three exercises combined with stretching exercises for the calves, hamstrings and back will certainly help you to prevent back pain.

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