What causes heaviness in neck?

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August 14, 2018
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What causes heaviness in neck?

Everyone hurts the head from time to time without any consequences other than the discomfort, which often go with an aspirin. However, the thing changes when we feel pain and pressure in the neck , because it is not a common symptom. This may be due to several causes, some of them quite alarming, so you should consult your doctor  in case this condition persists after a few days.

Then we talk about the 6 possible reasons that may cause pressure on the neck, but remember that only a specialist can diagnose your case correctly.

  • Pain and heaviness in the nape of the neck due to anxiety

Anxiety and stress not only affect you, causing you psychological distress. They can also affect you in your physical state and one of the possible ways is through a pressure on the neck that leaves your neck sore and even extends to the head.

Usually that neck pain is due to a tension in the muscles that does not allow them to rest properly. If that is your case, a visit to psychiatry  can help you find the reason for your discomfort.

  • Pressure on the nape and forehead due to sinusitis

Sinusitis or inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (those cavities filled with air from the skull that connect to the nose) usually causes pressure around the face, usually in the eyes. Even so, you may also notice pressure on the back of the head if the sphenoid sinuses are also affected.

It may be intensified when bending over or lying down. An x-ray study of the paranasal sinuses  will help detect if there is inflammation.

  • Nape, neck and head pressed by the neck

An injury to the neck or cervical spine can also be the cause of stiffness, pressure and pain in the neck. All this area is very connected to each other and any problem can be noticed in several parts.

Some examples of problems that may present pain in the neck are contractures, torticollis, stress between intervertebral discs, cervical osteoarthritis or a herniated disc. The doctor you should go to in those cases is a rheumatologist .

  • Pain in the neck for brain diseases

If that pressure on the neck is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, dizziness, vomiting or tiredness could be in front of a brain disorder that needs to be treated as quickly as possible. We talk about cases such as brain tumors, whether benign or malignant, meningitis or hydrocephalus. A brain CT scan will  get an image of the inside of your brain to diagnose if a problem of that type exists.

  • Pressure in the neck for an aneurysm

An aneurysm is a dilation of the walls of a blood vessel in the brain. If there is no breakage, perhaps there will only be symptoms such as pain in the neck or around one eye, changes in vision or numbness on one side of the face.

The moment that blood vessel ruptures, it causes a hemorrhagic stroke, suddenly causing a lot of headache, vomiting, stiff neck, blurred vision, drooping of the eyelid and confusion. This situation can leave sequels for life or even put it in danger, so it is important not to reach it. Therefore, if we notice pressure on the neck, we should consult with the doctor, who in case of suspicion of an aneurysm can choose to perform a cerebral angioresonance , which is the ideal test to know the state of blood vessels in the brain.

  • Rigidity and pain of nape for arthritis

Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints of the bones, causing pain in them. The nape of the neck is close to several joints that can be affected by this disease, so it would not be unusual to notice it stiff or sore. The pain usually increases as the day progresses or when doing certain movements. The rheumatologist can calm your pains with medication and recommend strengthening exercises.

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