What can I do to prevent excessive back pain at work?

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June 28, 2018
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June 29, 2018
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What can I do to prevent excessive back pain at work?

Why is there a backache?

Each of our movements is a source of tension for our column, because many tendons and ligaments are inserted on it.

Know for example that 300 kilos, it is the weight which is exerted on the disc located between the 5th lumbar vertebra and the 1st sacred vertebra when one bends down with the stretched legs (against 25 kilos with the prolonged rest).

To relieve your back …In case of painstretch

Lie down for a minute on your stomach with the neck in the continuation of the back, resting on the forearms, or lie on your back, legs stretched along a wall.

To relax

Breathing exercises, yoga, sophrology, laughing … Everything is good!

Because the stress grows unconsciously to contract the muscles.

To warm up

The heat promotes the relaxation of the contracted muscles.

There are infrared devices for analgesic purposes.

Otherwise, a simple hot water bottle does the trick.

Outside a crisis Relax your back muscles

Hands resting on a table, arms outstretched, bust forward with the back parallel to the ground, make the back hollow while exhaling.Inspire with a round back and loosening the muscles.To do 5 times a day.

Release tensions

Before jumping out of bed, bring your knees to the chest and hold for 30 seconds.In the evening, stretch on the bed in all directions.

Strengthen your abdominal strap

Lie on your back with one knee bent against your chest, your lower back against the ground, gently lift your upper body and push your knee away with the opposite hand (left for the right knee and vice versa).

Resist with the legs to work the transverse abdominal muscles, very involved in maintaining the lumbar.

Three instructions to fight against back pain

Against back pain: change bedding!A third of a life spent in our bed, it ends up counting.


having old bedding with bumps and hollows in the mattress and / or stitched seams, this is the signal that it is high time to change!

The deposit: to sleep well, you need a bed 160 or 180 wide by 200 cm long for a couple.

And a bed of 90 x 200 for a single person.Bed base and mattress are to be changed at the same time, every ten years.

Against back pain, lose the extra pounds!

To regain a normal weight is less work overload for the skeleton.

Warning: with age, the risk of “getting belly” and lack of abdominals to support the back increases.

The instruction: to work his abdominal muscles 10 minutes every day.

Against back pain, move more!

The biggest constraint for our skeleton is immobility.That’s why it’s so important to walk!

Attention: the average is 7,000 steps daily, or 3,000 for the most sedentary of us.

The instruction: to do at least 10 000 steps daily and to approach, a pedometer is a good idea!

Before consulting the doctor for a backache

Take an analgesic, it is possible and advised.

Ibuprofen or paracetamol: In the absence of any contraindication, the instruction is to take it for 48 to 72 hours, without waiting for the pain to reappear – but without exceeding the maximum dose – because a well-established pain is more difficult to combat.

Self-medication has its limits

If these basic analgesics do not sufficiently calm the pain or if no improvement is noted within 48 to 72 hours, consult your doctor becomes essential.

Can we be manipulated?


, as long as a doctor did not check beforehand that this backache was only a mechanical problem.


, once this precaution is taken, if the back pain comes from the ligaments which exert too much traction on the column.

Back pain: when to consult the doctor?

  • Consult urgently in case of unbearable pain despite analgesics, paralysis of a lower limb, incontinence or urinary retention.
  • Quickly see the doctor in case of fever or pain that reaches its maximum in the second part of the night.

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