What Can I Do About Becoming Too Stressed To Breastfeed?

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What Can I Do About Becoming Too Stressed To Breastfeed?

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Stress: public enemy of breastfeeding

Two hormones are needed to produce breast milk: prolactin and oxytocin . The first is the one that produces the milk, while the second is the one that allows the milk to leave the maternal breast, that is, the ejection reflex.

Although any woman can produce these two hormones and thus achieve successful lactation, there are certain circumstances that can alter both the production and output of milk.

One of the main enemies of breastfeeding is stress , which may have different origins but its effect will be the same, from preventing the milk from coming out even if the breasts seem to be full, to a drastic reduction in milk production.

Everyone lives under a certain degree of stress and when women become mothers that dose rises exponentially in a matter of minutes or days, with all the changes that come with motherhood.

There are stories of mothers who say that when they are in the house of the mother-in-law, they simply stop giving them milk, it is a matter of returning to their home or away from that person who stresses them so that the milk starts to sprout. That’s how strong the effect can be. 


There are several factors that can significantly raise the stress of a new mom, here the most common

  • Not being able to breastfeed the baby
  • Do not sleep.
  • Not feeding properly.
  • Too many tasks to solve, especially the domestic ones.
  • The constant cry of the baby .
  • Pain or complications of a cesarean section.
  • Discomforts typical of postpartum.

In general, it is a combination of all aspects that ends up affecting breastfeeding, so it is necessary to try to reduce as much as possible that list, so that mom can produce the milk necessary for your baby.

To begin with, it is basic to sleep and rest as much as possible, even if you do not feel tired, staying in bed with the baby nearby is the best. Along with this, feeding as natural as possible, eating snacks between meals , and drinking water, is another necessary factor for successful breastfeeding.

Mam who work

Moms who return to work after a certain time, it is important that they dedicate time and space to breastfeeding. Many women think that since they have successfully established breastfeeding, it will not go away, however this is not the case.

It is not good to trust that they already have enough milk, it is important that at the time of the milk extraction in the office they are as calm as possible, and if necessary they are disconnected a few minutes of their pending work.

Many working moms fall into the error of using the computer, making reports, finishing presentations while the electric machine pumps milk. The stress that implies presenting or finishing some work pending can diminish, considerably, the production of milk gradually, until disappearing it, since it is accumulated.

It is recommended that while they have to get milk, moms see pictures or videos of their children, or just something that distracts them and relaxes them for a few minutes. It is necessary to see that time as if they really had their baby in their arms.

And if you are one of those who stayed at home, try to forget for a while the issue of dirty dishes, or clothes to wash, if the floor is already dirty, enjoy the minutes your baby needs to eat from your breast .

Remember that babies grow, fast, and every day breastfeeding will take less time, but to achieve a tit as long as you decide, the main thing is to keep stress as far away as possible.

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