What Can Be Done To Reduce Stress When Frustrated?

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August 23, 2018
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What Can Be Done To Reduce Stress When Frustrated?

A person feels frustrated when he does not achieve what he wants. We say that the level of frustration of a person is high when he is able to persist and not throw in the towel before failure.

On the contrary, people with low levels of frustration tend to abandon, feel anger, despair, anxiety, anguish, pressure and apathy in the face of mistakes and the inability to fulfill what they want.

13 tips to overcome frustration

How are we frustrated?

The ability to manage frustration positively is educated in both children and the elderly.

When you feel frustrated, you feel bad. And conscious or unconscious defense mechanisms are harmful to the person and to those around him: verbal or physical aggression, hitting or throwing objects, silent withdrawal …

Emotions are the thermometer that informs you that you have to introduce some change. The frustration tells you that something has gone wrong, that you have tried hard and you have not got the prize, but it does not tell you that you should abandon the project .

Tolerate frustration

Working tolerance to frustration is vital. Tolerance is related to the time it takes to react to pressure, to the stress you experience when things do not go your way.

Tolerance allows you to learn to improve yourself and think creatively . It makes you strong and resilient and prepares you to be competitive in a society where everyone is looking for the easy.

We are used to that things are already wanted: reports already, appointments already, that they answer to WhatsApp already, to the mails already, to the telephone already, that they attend you in the establishments already …

We feel that time is wasted and that there is no patience, and that is because tolerance to frustration has not been trained .

Today we have a huge welfare, despite the crisis . All you have to do is check how accessible new technologies are for everyone; in every home there are tablets and mobile phones everywhere. The children pray and buy everything “so they do not get frustrated and have the same as their peers.”

Well, that’s it: if the children need to learn to be frustrated , to feel uncomfortable and their brain to look for solutions. Nobody tries and learns to think differently and keep fighting when they do not have to.

Educating children to tolerate frustration implies having adults who feel capable , that they manage their goals better, that they do not give up and that, therefore, they are happier.

Let’s all learn to tolerate frustration with these tips

1.- Accept that fighting for something does not have a direct relationship with achieving it. Sometimes the prize is not to reach or win, but what you learn along the way.

2 .- Do not overvalue what you feel when you do not get what you want, it is normal to feel bad . Pass your emotion; Say something like, “It’s normal to feel that way, and I know it’s a passenger.”

3.- Do not stay in the world of victimhood . Stop talking about how bad you feel, how unfair the world is that does not reward you after the effort.

4.- Look for solutions. Ask questions like “why did not I get it?”, “What can I do differently?” Repeating the same means getting the same, do not forget it!

Planning in another way or looking for an alternative plan may be the solution.

5.- If it was due to lack of time, preparation or dedication, repeat and insist . Sometimes the objectives require more effort than we thought at first.

We may not be aware of their level of difficulty until we face them. Our mind, seasoned with our enthusiasm and enthusiasm, can distort reality.

So your persistence ability is what will show you how much you want what you have proposed.

6.-  Do not let anyone tell you if you are going to get your purposes or not. Somebody tell you that you will not get it, that it is very difficult, that like you there are thousands, that you waste your time … it does not mean that it is fulfilled.

So do not value the words of people who live frustration as something permanent in their lives, who do not take risks and have decided to live in their comfort zone.

If you allow it, it will condition your way of seeing your progress and acting.

7.-  For each setback look for a solution . That you take more than you would have liked does not mean that you will not arrive. Take responsibility for your actions.

Throwing balls away calms or justifies you momentarily but does not help you; Unlike. And you know.

8.- Be present to that person who has achieved what you propose and thinks what she would have done .

If someone you love was in your place, what would you say? What would you leave? No: you would help him, you would motivate him, you would make him see what he has achieved and you would prevent him from leaving.

Well, treat yourself at least as well as you would with that someone.

9.-  Create your route of how you are going to do to achieve your challenge. And, on that route, write down possible problems you may have and what you will do to prevent or solve them.

In this way you advance and avoid surprises by living them as failures. Do not forget that the so-called “failure” brings you closer to your success. It’s your sneak: it tells you what you should not do anymore. Thank him and listen to him!

10.- Value each achievement with yourself and your family, because everything is part of your final goal. Sometimes small achievements are underestimated and you are not aware that thanks to all of them the end is achieved.

This will help you to reaffirm your purpose and to feel security and confidence in yourself and to feel that you are on the right track. It is essential to follow.

11.- There are always moments of slump, thoughts of “I do not know if it will come out”, “will such an effort be worth it?”, Etc. That your reading is not “this is impossible” or “I’m not worth” and feel frustrated.

You have to learn to remove value from thoughts ; thinking is not equal to reality. Automotívate and prepare your interior monologue , that you will tell when things do not work. He is your angel, your savior in the gray moments.

12.- If you have to ask for help or advice, do it . You are not less for it. There are always generous people who will bring something to your path, people who put their experience at the service of others without fear.

They are sure people of themselves. Do not forget it and be grateful, because they were part of your life and your challenges.

13.- Visualize yourself. It is demonstrated that the mental representation controlled has a great power in the improvement and overcoming of our projects.

Your mind is predisposed and your actions are focused on fulfilling that film you are narrating. If you do not see yourself, you will not.

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