What are some unusual ways to relieve stress?

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August 2, 2018
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August 3, 2018
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What are some unusual ways to relieve stress?

1st pedometer provides more exercise

Sport is probably the stress killer par excellence. And rightly so, because sports reduce stress effectively and provide more well-being. Especially recommended are endurance sports such as jogging, swimming or rowing, which put the body in a meditative state. But even a walk is enough to switch off and do something against the stress.

Who needs a special motivation to overcome the inner bastard can try it once with a pedometer. It counts every step you take – just 5,000 steps a day is enough to increase your well-being.

2. Cook something delicious

Cooking or baking is a perfect occupation to relieve stress. Working in the kitchen concerns us, without overwhelming us. Certain activities, such as vegetable slicing, also have a calming effect. After cooking, a delicious menu will be waiting for us – that too helps to relax. So grab your partner or some friends and get started.

In stressful situations certain foods are highly recommended – and that is not just chocolate . Rather, the supply of potassium , magnesium and B vitamins is important for the body . That’s why you should choose foods such as whole grains, legumes, bananas , broccoli, dried fruits , dairy products, nuts and eggs.

3. Laugh

Laughter is next to exercise probably the best way to reduce stress. Just laugh loud and hearty – even if there is no specific reason for it. Because by laughing the happiness hormone serotonin is released. If you like it a little less loud, you can just close your eyes, relax and smile. Again, serotonin is released.

4. Drink a cup of tea

Drinking a cup of tea has something cozy about it. Therefore, a warm tea is also well suited to reduce stress. In addition to the variety, the way in which you drink the tea is particularly important: A hastily drunk tea will hardly provide more relaxation. Instead, consciously take a few minutes to sit comfortably on the sofa and enjoy the warm drink in a very targeted manner. Tea blends with balm , hops or lavender are ideal for relaxing .

5. Look at holiday pictures

Holiday is the time of the year, when you leave the stress of everyday life behind and do something good. Unfortunately, the holiday feeling usually vanishes too fast. With a few tricks you can bring back the relaxed holiday mood. Take your time and take a look at some holiday pictures. In particular, remember how you felt in each situation. With a pleasant scent or soft music, you can enhance the relaxing effect.

6. Take your time for yourself

Who always has something to do and is constantly stressed, does not take one thing above all: time for yourself. So it’s time to catch up. Think about what you really wanted to do in the last few weeks, but in the end it was always too short. It does not matter whether you read a book in peace or finally want to make a balloon trip. Treat yourself to something that you really feel like at the moment and switch off your sense of duty for at least a few hours.

7. Sleep

Constant stress usually ensures that we sleep too little – and sometimes for weeks. In addition, the quality of sleep is usually worse in stressed people. A few restless nights, we can easily put away, but who sleeps too little in the long run, harms his body. Because lack of sleep leads to an increased release of the stress hormone cortisol. In addition, the body also has less time to regenerate – usually the body recovers in sleep from the efforts of the day. Sleep well on the weekend again: your body will thank you!

8. Do not use smartphone & Co.

Modern technology such as smartphones, tablets and laptops make life easier for us in many ways, but they also often cause a slight constant stress: you are permanently available and can constantly react to new situations and events. If you are stressed, you should try 24 hours without technology. Just turn off the computer – and best of all the cellphone -. If this is too extreme for you, at least try not to carry the phone with you for a few hours a day. You will see that relaxed!

9. Dancing as a stress killer

Also recommended against stress is dancing. Dancing is tough and burns many calories, but it’s also a lot of fun. Especially the combination of movement and music makes dancing a real stress killer. If you prefer it quieter, you can try yoga .

10. Consciously enjoy

If you’re stressed, you’ll probably be overwhelmed with sensations all day long. In order to do something against the stress, you should try to consciously perceive impressions and to enjoy things specifically. For example, let a piece of chocolate slowly melt on your tongue – this has a double effect: On the one hand, the relaxed enjoyment relaxes, on the other hand, the chocolate ensures that a lot of happiness hormones are released. So the stress has no chance!




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