What are some healthy tips to keep my neck and shoulder out of pain?

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July 16, 2018
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July 17, 2018
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What are some healthy tips to keep my neck and shoulder out of pain?

Every turn of the head can be torture if the neck hurts uncomfortably. With our seven tips against neck pain, the muscles can relax again and you get rid of the symptoms quickly.

1. Moving consciously helps with neck pain

Do not be worried! Yes, right heard: If you have a tight neck, you should try to move a lot anyway. Long walks (without heavy backpack or shoulder bag),  swimming and (spinal) gymnastics strengthen the back and neck muscles and make the whole body supple. If you work a lot on the desk and on the monitor, you should also take a break of five to ten minutes at least every two hours to avoid neck pain.

Every turn of the head can be torture if the neck hurts uncomfortably. With our seven tips against neck pain, the muscles can relax again and you get rid of the symptoms quickly.

Sleep properly relaxes the neck

We spend most of our time in a horizontal position – when we sleep . An excellent way for the neck to relax: At last he does not have to balance his head on the body! However, the relaxation only works if no sleeping position is taken, which additionally strains the neck and thereby may cause neck pain : A shaped neck pillow relieves the spine . 

Even if it may be a bit uncomfortable at first – after one to two weeks you have gotten used to it! If you sleep on the side, you can also spare your back and neck with a special side sleeper pillow. If possible, you should not sleep on your stomach – this strains nerve cords and blood vessels.

3. Ideal sitting helps with pain

Anyone who has to sit professionally above all and takes a wrong stance quickly gets neck pain. Ideally, the center of your computer screen is at eye level, but better, slightly lower. Your hips should be positioned slightly higher than your knees. If your desk chair does not give that up, a wedge pillow will help. Keep your feet stable on the ground. Basically, desk chairs with armrests are recommended – they relieve the shoulders. 

Important: Regularly change the sitting position, then the back and neck remain in motion and do not cramp so fast. When you are on the phone, you should not jam the receiver between your shoulder and ear – if you frequently need to type and make calls at the same time, you should get yourself a headset.

4. Massage the neck on pain itself

Your neck hurts and there is no masseur at hand? No problem – you can also massage yourself . Gentle pressure with the fingertips can release blockages and relieve acute discomfort. Here’s how it works: Sit on the edge of a chair’s seat, with your legs at a right angle, keeping your sitting position as relaxed and straight as possible, letting your shoulders fall deliberately down. 

Now press with the tips of your middle and index fingers to the right and left of the cervical spine along the edge of the skull bone to the outside.Next, you also acupress each other from the inside to the outside. Step by step lower down until you reach the shoulders. Especially painful and hard areas can be massaged extra for relaxation. Try out what’s good for your neck pain. Just be careful not to press directly on the vertebrae!

5. For neck pain: warm shoulders and neck

For acute complaints in the neck and shoulder area can also provide heat relief. Before you should clarify, however, that no inflammation is behind the pain: then heat applications are taboo! Tensions can be eased by fango packs, heat patches, hot water bottle, irradiation with red light etc. Also a hot bath or a hot shower can help fight neck pain. In winter, neck problems are also often caused by raised shoulders, with which you try to protect yourself against the cold. A thick scarf covering the entire neck area makes these unhealthy movements unnecessary.

6. Release tension: bite properly

In many cases, neck tension results from cramping in the jaw. A bad bite can also cause the symptoms. People who suffer from cervical spine problems should consult their dentist.“Crunch” and “crampers” need a bite track!

7. Purified destressed against neck pain

tress can be responsible for almost all physical ailments for which no other causes can be found. The neck is especially often a weak point, the mental stress can be felt. After all, everyone has to carry their luggage – and this often presses on the shoulders and cervical spine … Efficient antidote: active stress reduction. This can be done using anti-stress programs like yoga or autogenic training. 

Another possibility is to write down all worries, stressful situations and burdens and try to develop counter-strategies. But do not be too busy at the same time – otherwise the anti-stress program will quickly get stressful. Small steps lead to the goal and a neck without pain!

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