What Are Some Great Ways To De-Stress Yourself During A Tennis Match?

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What Are Some Great Ways To De-Stress Yourself During A Tennis Match?

10 simple ways to manage your stress in a match and not play small arms

Like it or not, a tennis match does not get ready the day before but several days before. You have to be certain that you have done the necessary for your body and your mind so that it can keep all its strength and be able to endure for matches where time is never set in advance. For this, there are some precautions to take and some indications.

1.Hydration and nutrition

It will be nice to say it and repeat it, we can not hope to go far in a tournament if the body is not physically well prepared . While it is certain that you need good nutrition in carbohydrates and proteins, it is more than necessary to pay close attention to a very good hydration of the body. This is one of the best guarantees to avoid breakdowns and muscle tears. It’s also the only way to avoid early fatigue during a game, and stress consumes a lot of energy . Many players prepare various energy drinks. It is not uncommon to see two to three bottles of different drinks at their feet. Even if some like to regain some strength thanks to the famous banana which is one of the most practical fruits (containing 5 – HTP molecule , promoting relaxation) , most have understood that it is better to hydrate at the same time as to regain some strength.

2.Relaxation, relaxation and meditation

If you have not taken the time to rest well or relax before a game, so much to give up. A good night’s sleep and relaxation exercises help regenerate a body. Sometimes, a small massage is necessary to relax completely. Know how to surround yourself with your best friends the day before a match while remaining sober and making sure you go to bed early. Before going to sleep and waking up, think about doing a good half hour of meditation by emptying your mind completely. Avoid thinking about your future game because it is not on the field.

3.Search the causes of your stress

If it is more than necessary to relax, we must also recognize the causes of stress above all. Identify as quickly as possible what prevents you from concentrating and going beyond yourself. Fear or inferiority complex compared to the opponent, the ranking of the opponent, discomfort due to the presence of friends or family, fear of injury , … are causes of stress very often narrated by most players. However, all this is only in their heads. No match is played in advance. Again, look for the causes of your stress and do some relaxation and breathing exercises to relax.

4.Concentration on the ball

Concentration on the ball is one of the best methods for not playing small arms. Seeing her is nothing that can help you forget everything else. Be it your tiredness or your pains and even everything around you. Do not try to watch your opponent excessively. Instead, bet on a sometimes global but often forced concentration of the ball. This will save you from making a lot of mistakes and not wasting time on your opponent’s tactical assumptions.

5.The breathing

One of the simplest and most difficult gestures to do. A saying says: “who knows how to breathe, can do everything. He has the total control of his mind and body . When we know that one of the best-known tactics in tennis is not to let the opponent catch his breath, we doubt that we should give ourselves the time to learn how to breathe during the course of a match. If you have to do a lot of breathing exercises before and after a game to relax and to recover, you have to know constantly, during a game to keep a deep breath so as not to “run out of air” when you have to to move at high speed. Breathing is a part of training.

6.The management of small steps and the tactical checklist

A good technique, also favoring concentration, is to accentuate small steps of adjustment. This is particularly useful for getting into the right place without getting tired. It is more certain to do one hour of jogging than one hour of sprinting. In this context, it’s the same thing. The small steps are used to reposition themselves in the field without too much physical effort. A good way to stay tough while waiting for harder attacks from the opponent. This technique is also useful in return of service.

A good solution for not playing small arms too is to have a list of tactics that are well established in your mind, that have proven themselves and that can serve you at any time. For example, do not attempt winning returns if the opponent does not go to the net. Focus on the trajectory of the service in order to return it. Try to make aces at the time of the tie-break. Abuse the amortized when you are in the offensive position … It would be interesting for you to make a list of tactics that are most favorable to you and that bring you points more easily . It’s up to you to see what’s best for you.

7.The distance to the stakes and the outcome of the match

It sometimes happens that players challenge themselves before the game by setting goals so important that they almost forget the fun of the game. Setting the bar a little too high with the only goal, to get there costs that costs, can only put you under a pressure much too strong and thus, end up harming you. First, let yourself have the time to test the pitch during the first minutes of the match. Give yourself goals only in relation to your first feelings. Everything must be done in the present. After reflection, relativize so as to keep your feet on the ground. The real challenge is in you, not in front of you. There is no point in putting the cart before the horse. And above all, know how to take pleasure in fighting during a match. Other…

Even if your opponent is at one stroke winning the set, nothing is played. Never give up. Know how to keep your confidence because, thanks to it, you can make your opponent understand that there is no question of giving him a hand. Stay tuned to any opportunity that presents itself. Often, too much trust of the opponent can shield him from a little vigilance. It will be up to you to make sure you enjoy it at the right time. It’s a simple matter of attention.

8.Forget mistakes

Do not focus on your mistakes, forget them. The best tennis players make mistakes every game. It is better to learn each time that you make one the way it has arrived, than to give it any importance that would bruise your mind and prevent you from moving forward. It will be necessary to know relativising for all things and at any time.

9.Find parades to parasitic thoughts

If there is a phenomenon that can be interpreted as one of the greatest enemies of the player or tennis player is indeed the parasitic thoughts. Some players create tocs to minimize their effect. Some are inspired by song refrains or slogans. Others prefer to have tics to erase them from their minds. Everything is good to chase them . You have to find what suits you best, hoping that it remains more or less discreet in relation to the public.

10. Focus on the moment T

Emptying is one of the best solutions to only apprehend the real. Focusing on the moment T is only what is. A mind emptied of all illusion can lead the body that carries it to surpass itself without difficulty. To empty oneself is to forget everything around you and to focus only on the essentials . If you want to win, pay a lot of attention during your training to not let any thought cross your mind and stay focused on the whole game.


If there was only one recipe, that would be known. Try to understand your body and the way you play during training so that you can respond to adversity in the best possible way. Try to get rid of the fear of defeat and stay well aware that this is just a game.

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