What are scientifically proven ways to reduce stress?

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July 17, 2018
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July 18, 2018
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What are scientifically proven ways to reduce stress?

we have extracted the 10 easiest to carry out whatever your routines. Simple, fast alternatives and aimed at releasing, naturally, those high rates of satiety that, if possible, worsen on the days when summer assaults with asphyxiating temperatures.

1. Identify the source of the stress

There is no better way to fight against an enemy than by knowing it, because only by naming the problem can you defeat it. For that reason, it is convenient that you stop a moment and think about what is the germ of your nerves and your anxiety, attacking later its origin. That jams upset you? Try to leave before home or ask for a change of schedule. That you see yourself overwhelmed among so many notes? Think coldly if it will not be better option to concentrate on fewer subjects and leave some for later. And so, with everything that takes away your sleep.

2. Walk 10 minutes

Because it releases tensions and allows you to think clearly , clearing your mind and helping you to face the problems of better degree. Finding 10 minutes a day to walk is simple: you can take a detour before entering the office or faculty , go for a walk before dinner or take a longer way home . Exercise releases endorphins, hormones that have a beneficial effect on mood, and also helps control stress hormones.

3. Laugh out loud

According to a study by Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, a cardiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, laughter is a natural antidote to stress and reduces inflammation of the arteries. That is why he advises looking for reasons to laugh rather than smile .

4. Lean on your breath

Several investigations suggest that one of the main triggers of stress is, precisely, the incorrect rhythm in breathing. The sports psychologist Leah Lagos advises to practice a simple exercise to recover the compass: do ten deep, calm breaths , while you concentrate on the stressful thoughts, and then exhale the air for six seconds. Easy, fast and 100% effective, according to your tests.

5. Eat well

Grandmother’s advice and you know that grandmothers are wells of wisdom. Proper nutrition results in the proper functioning of the organism and, therefore, in a state of well-being that translates into better stress management. He loses, rather, invests time in cooking, in preparing healthy menus and definitively abandons precooked meals.

6. View relaxing images

You are noticing You feel how you approach the cliff, how you look out of the void. So, stop and give yourself a few minutes to imagine a reassuring image, that takes you away for a moment from that pressing problem that threatens to end with you. In short, ‘reset’ your brain to get away from the danger of anxiety crisis.

7. chewing gum

Something as simple as working your jaws hard on a chewing gum is revealed as an incredibly de-stressing practice, according to a study by the University of Swinburne in Melbourne (Australia). The researchers found that gum reduces the levels of cortisol, the main engine of anxiety, up to 16%.

8. Deal a few hugs

Another study , led by Dr. Sheldon Cohen, found that hugging “can act as an effective remedy to transmit support,” and that “increasing the frequency of hugging could be an effective way to reduce the effects of anxiety.”

9. Disconnect the mobile, computer and tablet

There is increasing concern about syndromes related to the need to stay permanently connected to electronic devices. Everything that apparently holds us together does nothing but increase stress , according to different studies such as the one prepared by the experts of the portal specialized in health and wellness Everyday Health. Therefore, from time to time, disconnect.

10. Sit in a rocking chair

Yes, as in the movies. Becoming balanced with the gentle sway of a rocking chair is highly relaxing , according to research from the University of Rochester and the opinion of millions of elderly people around the world.

And there are more techniques : sleep properly, buy a plant, make some escape from the city, scream until you get hoarse … Anything before ending with the nerves destroyed.

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