We Have Lower Back Pain. Can I Join The Gym?

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We Have Lower Back Pain. Can I Join The Gym?

We know that physical exercise is healthy. In its just measure, it helps to improve our physical and mental state. It makes us more resistant to injuries and illnesses, and gets the body to adapt to adverse situations. It is advisable (better said, necessary) to practice it at any age, since the benefits will exceed any cost involved in practicing it. However, sometimes even doing exercise persists discomfort that should not be there, as in the case of some people who, despite going to the gym, suffer from back pain .

This is a relatively frequent question that friends and patients have raised me, surprised at suffering back pain, being the recommendation of treatment (after the acute phase and pharmacological measures) precisely practicing exercise. They signed up for the gym and exercised, so why does my back hurt despite exercising? .

Many backaches that do not respond to a more serious injury (hernia, other spinal problems …) are usually due to sedentary lifestyle or the burden of daily tasks, either at home or at work . Exercise, whether in the pool or in the gym or other types of exercises, helps to strengthen the muscles, while at the same time giving them the flexibility and capacity to respond better to day-to-day efforts.

This is why the practice of exercise, such as going to the gym, will help the person to be more active, and his body will respond better to the demands of day to day . So why are there people who have told me that their backs still hurt despite going to the gym ? I can think of different reasons. I comment:

  • Bad indication of the type of exercise : The gym is a possibility, and exercise will help the body to be healthier and respond better to efforts. However, depending on the pathology, it may not be the most appropriate option. We have to take into account that the gym offers many activities, from bodybuilding to collective classes, with very varied objectives and execution. A correct diagnosis of why back pain occurs and a correct indication of what type of exercise can help alleviate the situation is essential .
  • Incorrect execution : We all know very well that in the gym the technique is everything. It is useless to lift a lot of weight or perform many repetitions if you do it with an incorrect technique. In the best case you will be working muscle groups that should be immobile (compensating with the body to move the load). In the worst case you will be exposing yourself not only to not progress correctly, but to suffer injuries of varying consideration.
  • Routine not suited to the person : Very intense or too light exercise, train many days a week or do it only very occasionally without control … Not having a precise routine, supervised by someone who can advise (or that the person acquire knowledge to be able to supervise your own exercise program) will cause the exercise not to bring about the benefits you should, and the back pain will remain.
  • Not improving the lifestyle : The gym is an important part of an improvement in the person, but it is useless to train very well if the rest of the time the person overloads his or her back of effort, does not take care of the posture or the movement when mobilizing weight , does not maintain an adequate diet or does not sleep the necessary hours. The accelerated pace of life ends up paying, no matter how much you exercise.
  • Do not go to professionals : Anyone can learn about nutrition and exercise and practice it on their own, looking for the best according to their needs. But if the reason for joining the gym is the existence of some musculoskeletal condition, it is necessary that a health professional who derives. Physician and physiotherapist can give you some general guidelines , especially about what should be done and what should not be done. Then, the specialized training staff will look for the most appropriate routine for the problem you have. You should always go to the professionals in case of doubt, you can not try to improve a health problem without consulting the health personnel.

Surely there will be other reasons why these people who told me they were going to the gym but their back was still aching did not find relief from their pain. These I describe are the causes that I have found that cause pain in principle benign continue and do not finish relieving themselves, despite the fact that the person exercises.

Check if the exercise is appropriate according to the ailment suffered, if it is done with the correct technique and at the right intensity, if it is associated with other healthy habits and, above all, do not leave it for the latter to consult the health professionals , to to resolve the doubts we may have and guide us on the path that will take us to the most appropriate exercise according to our ailment .

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