Is overthinking negative? Can it cause much stress?

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July 18, 2018
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July 19, 2018
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Is overthinking negative? Can it cause much stress?

Thought does not eliminate stress

By José Antonio Cordero.- Thought is a response that appears in the mind and as a result of the situation of the body. A negative thought is the manifest consequence of a negative stress. If the body is subjected to great stress or with a reappearance of traumas, in this altered state it is difficult to have pleasant, positive and full of harmony thoughts.

The entrance of stress in the body produces physical, structural and / or chemical changes. The knots that we observe in the musculature, the corporal rigidity are palpable changes of structural damage. There are other modifications in the physical structure that are not perceived but are housed inside, these are more difficult to remove. A muscular contracture or accumulated tension can be relieved by a good massage, but internal damage is eliminated by a state of physiological order. The nervous system eliminates the foreign materials (stress, traumas, etc.) that were lodged there when it is affected by a very deep level of rest.

In the state of consciousness of sleep the body enjoys greater order than in activity or wakefulness. In that calm of deep sleep the body releases stress that manifests itself as dreams, thoughts during sleep. Therefore, dreams are thoughts, it is an activity caused by the elimination of stress, but dreams do not eliminate stress, they are the consequence of the release of the accumulated fatigue during the day and the daily stress itself.

Thought does not release tension, it is the result of a release of stress.

A very negative activity indicates that there is a lot of tension inside accumulated and that goes out, like a volcano that throws its fire. Unlike dreaming, the thoughts we have during the activity do have an effect on the environment, on the people around us and on the author himself. Thought promotes actions that produce reactions, the law of cause and effect, this means that thinking negatively generates a negative reaction that affects the environment and then returns to its author.

The promotion of positive thoughts in a forced or implanted, motivated or falsified way, are not genuine thoughts, but at least they do not produce environmental damage. Emotional beliefs or pretenses do not eliminate deep stress, because that imposed mental activity is not followed by a deep change and internal order that eliminates deep stress.


The controlled or directed relaxation does not reach deep levels, but at least it relaxes the most active part of the body and we let go of a part of anxiety, but the anxiety and deep disorders will remain there until we find the key of how to eliminate those strange ‘materials’ to the nervous system.

Talking about negative issues does not eliminate negativity. You can create emotional bridges to overcome and try to move forward, but the strong negative impact left a deep damage that remains until the nervous system releases it when given the opportunity.

Stress produces these consequences:

Weak executive functioning with a tendency to:
• Rigid thinking
• Impulsive behavior
• Unpredicted decision making
• Lack of functional memory
• Distracted attention
• Drug and alcohol abuse
• Unethical thinking and behavior

With tendency to:
• Fatigue
• High blood pressure

• Disorders in eating and sleeping
• Weak immune system

With a tendency to:
• Low self-esteem and self-confidence
• Worry, anxiety and fear
• Shallow and divided
• Unstable relationships • Depression

Release stress can be done in several ways, a very important is food as the chemical damage caused by stress is well fought by a healthy diet, and nothing better than the food that comes from the ecological field, because they are ordered foods.

The purpose of feeding is to ingest order, so that it helps the body to reestablish its best functioning. Consuming foods that have gone through stress processes is ingesting that harmful quality, this means that if we eat food poisoned or produced by chemicals that poison will stay in the nervous system and the brain. If you eat meat from animals that have lived horribly, artificially, poorly fed and have suffered the crime of their death, the stress increased in their blood, further altered their nervous system, and then generate stress and tension in the person I eat them. It is easy to see the links between eating meat with rising blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety states, irritability, etc.

The food must serve to balance the body and not to generate more imbalances that cause diseases.

We must also be careful with the abuses of some foods that are used in vegetarian food such as onions, leeks and garlic. These should be used for some treatment of a specific disease, but then it is better not to take them. The vital energy of the body is ascending, from the coccyx to the upper part, and those foods reverse that energy.


The mind experiences a deeper state than sleeping and dreaming when the MT technique is practiced, reaching mental levels so deep that it reorders physiology and eliminates deep stress.

The great friend of the nervous system is the deepest state of rest, where the breathing is very light and sometimes it is suspended, the physical calm is appreciated and that is when the process of releasing deeply rooted stress occurs, causing so many imbalances, personal manias, and altered states of personality.

Below you can see some of the consequences of a regular practice of Transcendental Meditation, only 20 minutes morning and afternoon are enough to change and improve daily life.

Strong executive functioning with tendency to:
• Determined and flexible thinking
• Less impulsive behavior
• Decision-making with a vision of the future
• Excellent functional memory
• More stable attention, with greater focus
• Absence of addictions and dependencies
• Thinking and behavior ethical

With tendency to:
• Energy and vitality
• Cardiovascular system in form
• Balanced physiology
• Strong immune functioning

With a tendency to:
• Self
-confidence and high self-esteem • Feelings of security and peace
• Healthy interpersonal relationships

Learning this technique takes only 6 days, two hours a day. Choose the week that suits you and then enjoy the rest of your life.

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