Is Looking For Job Stressful?

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Is Looking For Job Stressful?

Finding work is often a critical moment in the life of any human being, often lowering the self-esteem of anyone who does not get fruit, who does not get what is sought, who does not get a job, in short the job search can cause equal or more stress of what the hard work can generate. Then what do we do? It sounds paradoxical but we must not forget that we are talking about extreme cases, that is to say, not all searches or all works produce massive effects on the subject. So let’s get to know this kind of disease that concerns more than one in this modern world.

What is stress? We think of stress as that response that the body gives to external circumstances that unbalance the emotional homeostasis of the person. Stress occurs when external demand is more than the body of any subject can withstand. It usually manifests through the nerves, the heart, the motor functions, the blood flow and other organs and functions of the body. It also affects massively the psychological aspect of the person.

Extending the above, we will try to explain the pathophysiology of stress in order to account for when one or your friend or family member suffers from this type of illness.

Insomnia occurs eloquently in stress, the inability to fall asleep influences too much the necessary rest in the subject, hinders their work and relationship with their peers as well as the skills of development and their skills. Also, the lack of concentration of attention is too related to what has been said. We must also bear in mind that stress is always accompanied by states of anxiety ( Anxiety(from Latin anxietas, anguish, affliction) is a state that is characterized by an increase in the perceptive faculties before the physiological need of the organism to increase the level of some element that at those moments is below the “adequate” level; or on the contrary, in the fear of losing a precious good. ) and certain sporadic drowning sensations.

Stress is something that must be taken very seriously and treated in time without letting it trigger somatic illnesses such as Stress Ulcer, Migraine, Gastritis, Myocardial Infarction, Cerebral Thrombosis, etc. or psychological illnesses such as Depression, Neurosis of Anguish, Sexual Disorders, Antisocial Behaviors, etc. We see here the simple relationship of stress with the job search or with the job itself, which we will expand later.

When performing a challenge such as looking for a job and being prone to an exposure such as the interview, that is, showing oneself to the other, getting noticed, being evaluated, while the pressure of unemployment hovers in each given step, in each “exam” in which the unemployed person is presented. And if this is added to family demands, economic needs or debts to pay, everything is a cluster that could overwhelm the human being, unbalance a prior conformity of the subject.

Therefore it is advisable to try the job search in the most harmonious way possible, be calm, not filled with illusions but be calm, know what to look for and where to go, be guided in the search is worth to keep the tranquility avoiding all kinds of diseases not only stress, as the case we are dealing with today, but also its consequences and others independent of it. We see then that stress can not only be observed in work situations from the harassment of it, but also can be given about all the work that leads to obtaining work.

Nowadays the process of looking for work has been difficult in all sectors, with the entry of technology into it, one must not only learn to make a CV on paper but now you have to learn to apply via the Internet, upload the curriculum vitae step by step, record a CV video, knowing how to bid, be alert to new notices, also the interviews are not as before, you usually ask other types of interventions to the applicants, the realization of all types of tests or the execution of Role Playing. This is how all this also influences nervousness, insecurity, a certain fear of these new forms of job search.

In a few words I will also try to comment on work stress in order to ambition to decrease it a bit from knowledge, knowledge. I have read in many surveys that, more or less, one of five workers suffer from stress, thus showing the importance of this disease in relation to work. E l work stress usually occurs from the demands of work protrude any recourse, or abilities of the worker. It should be attempted by the employer or boss that their workers do not suffer this type of delay, for example, avoiding dangerous or unpleasant conditions, or short rest, few vacations or attributing exaggerated demands for the work they do or can perform.Keeping the worker as far as possible from the possibility of generating stress ensures an employee with presence, effective, active and productive benefit both the company and the health of the worker.

To conclude we must bear in mind that the stress that occurs in any job search is almost inevitable, what you have to try to do is take it with a positive attitude, while you can, and learn from the situation by running it from the place of obstacle that claims to be . That insecurity that arises in any job search will never disappear but what is going to change is the way in which the body assimilates it. Finding work can be as stressful as working yourself.

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