Is it possible to be under-stressed?

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August 1, 2018
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August 2, 2018
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Is it possible to be under-stressed?

The effects of stress on your man

Even if the consequences of stress are not the same for all individuals, we quickly recognize the ” symptoms “: he is tired, worried, sullen, very irritable, almost aggressive and needs to let off steam. Physically his condition is characterized by an acceleration of his heartbeat, a changing breathing, a sleep more and more troubled … Finally being in a state of stress requires a lot of energy to his body and his mind. It’s exhausting.

Most often the stress is stressed to inhibit the capacity of the stressed individual and to prevent the realization of the projects that it would have in progress. However, for others, the opposite effect occurs. Stress allows them to succeed because it puts them in a situation of challenge and is an additional source of motivation . Nevertheless, in all cases, being immersed in a period of long-term stress can only be harmful. It can cause physical and psychological health problems.

Relieve stress

Primordial: we give him space to breathe. No need to jump on him just the door. The most important thing is to change his ideas and get him into a Zen bubble. He must get re-lax! To take the initiative to suggest to him to do a little sport would be beneficial to him. The muscular activity will release it and force it to relax, even unconsciously.

In order for him to forget his stress, motivate him to go out and change his ideas: hobbies of all kinds, movies, outings with friends … Oblige him to modify his daily routines that push him into his stress. Why does not he take advantage of his lunch break to find friends, or take a break just for him between the end of work and the return home to blow? Make him speak so that he frees himself. Finally, explain to him that he must learn to relativize with the hazards of everyday life.

If the stress is persistent and becomes too harmful, he may consider taking brief therapies such as acupuncture, hypnosis or sophrology.

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