How is it that stress tenses the nerves?

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August 13, 2018
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How is it that stress tenses the nerves?

Nervous tension and stress can occur due to physical and mental fatigue, not sleeping well and painful emotional problems that, when not resolved, produce nervous tension and stress.


In many cases, the tensions in the body come from past traumatic events that could not be overcome and that have been transformed, over the years, into muscular tensions that often accumulate in the back, neck and other parts of the body.

  • It is possible to combat nervous tension with body psychotherapy and with these home remedies:

Home remedies against nervous tension

  • Take a bath of warm water before going to bed.
  • If you live on the coast, go to the sea as often as possible. The combination of salt water and fresh air calms the nerves altered.
  • Calcium can reduce tension and promote relaxation; This mineral is found in dairy products and in some vegetables, as well as in turnips.
  • Take lemon juice mixed with water; It is relaxing and rich in vitamin C
  • Eat salads every day mixed with garlic and onion
  • Friction the body with warm water or at room temperature, to which a spoonful of salt will be added (the salt and the minerals contained in the water are relaxing in the nervous system).
  • Grind a clove of garlic and put it to boil in a quarter of a liter of milk; Take it in small pieces when it cools a little.
  • To a glass of warm milk add a splash of some alcoholic beverage (brandy or rum, for example); this will help you relax and sleep.


  • Drink tea from:
  • white sapote leaves,
  • from rosemary,
  • of olive oil,
  • of chicalote,
  • of fresh sunflower leaves (you can also eat the seeds),
  • of raspberry leaves,
  • Boldo (put a boldo fist to boil in a liter of water for an hour);
  • take them fasting and at bedtime.
  • Eat peaches (peaches), avocado and celery salad.
  • Bathe with basil water.
  • Take short baths of cold water.


  • Alfalfa juice is recommended to relax the altered nervous system ; a glass is taken every third day, fasting.
  • Take as water use almond horchata, to which is added an egg yolk. It can also be sage (it should only be soaked).
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If these home remedies to combat nervous tension and stress were not enough, it is always highly recommended to seek professional psychological help that really cleanses the problems that caused the nervous tension.

The present text is not intended at any time to replace the consultation with a medical professional you trust if necessary. However, we are convinced that this page can be a useful reference for all those interested in the subject of health and we present it as such.

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