How does stress make you lose your appetite?

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July 19, 2018
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July 19, 2018
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How does stress make you lose your appetite?

The causes of lack of appetite can be many, there are people who take annoyance or laziness to food overnight  and the time of meals becomes a real problem, because nothing like them.

You must pay close attention to identify the reasons why you have lost your appetite and that way you can consult with the specialist so that together they can find the solution to your problem.

For some diseases and infections

Bacterial or viral infection can be one of the causes of loss of appetite, usually when a person has the flu, due to coughing, physical exhaustion, joint pain or even fever, he experiences loss of appetite , but As this condition usually improves in the short term, it will immediately return to normal and therefore the desire to eat will return.

For psychological reasons

One of the reasons that may cause loss of appetite is the state of mind , according to studies conducted by the National Institute of Health of the United States, some elderly people begin to have loss of appetite gradually , is almost imperceptible and when the people who are around you realize that the problem is already very advanced.

This problem also appears in people who have had some significant loss, a loved one who died or those who face a separation from a partner. Boredom and stress are closely linked to this problem of lack of appetite.

Among the psychological causes are also those caused by eating disorders, as is the case of anorexia, this occurs when a person on his own decides to stop eating to lose weight, and due to lack of nutrients the body it weakens and the total loss of appetite appears.

For physical reasons

There are some diseases that attack our body that can trigger loss of appetite, such as kidney failure, heart failure, hepatitis, HIV , hypothyroidism and dementia; In many cases of people suffering from cancer of the colon, stomach, and also in  ovarian or pancreatic cancer it is possible that loss of appetite may appear, although not all people with these conditions have experienced it.

Some women who are in their first trimester of pregnancy have also experienced loss of appetite to a greater or lesser degree.

Due to external causes

Among the external causes that cause more loss of appetite is the consumption of hallucinogens, as is the case of cocaine, heroin and amphetamines . Here are also medically prescribed medications such as antibiotics and those used in chemotherapy.

If your lack of appetite is too long and you are losing a lot of weight, it is best to go to your trusted doctor so he can tell you the treatment you should follow according to the symptoms that are present and the causes that cause that loss of appetite.

Remember that food is the source of energy that keeps us vital and in good health, otherwise we can not survive for long.

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