How Does Nature Help To Heal You To Deal With Stress?

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August 20, 2018
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August 21, 2018
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How Does Nature Help To Heal You To Deal With Stress?

Can Stress Be Removed by Being in Nature?

Yes. Contact with nature helps moderate stress. A study conducted by the Autonomous University of Madrid says that the close nature of child stress as a moderator “demonstrates that nature has profound direct positive effects on people, helping us to recover our attention capacity and re-establishing our psychological balance … and that the nature is able to reduce the negative effect that adverse situations have on people. “This states that contact with nature decreases stress in children .

The wind blowing through majestic trees, plants that bloom, blue birds flying and frogs jumping and forming a relaxing symphony is all that is required. If you have a water current nearby, then consider yourself very lucky!

What Nature and Solar Light Do for You

  • Nature and sunlight can greatly improve your mood.
  • Being close to nature distances you from the factors that cause you stress.
  • Being in the sun is a natural source of vitamin D .

The Effects of Stress

It is clear that stress is a part of our life. But do you take it as a necessity instead of understanding the power you have to fight it? If you keep stress, you run the risk of developing serious conditions. Any of these symptoms can indicate that you are stressed: sleep disorders, pain and muscle tension and abnormal pressure, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, or smoking or drinking more than normal.

How to get closer to nature

Nature and sunlight give us beauty, energy, synthesizes vitamins and gives us clean and fresh air. In nature we can relax and release our stress outdoors. Below are some ideas for you to get involved with the natural flow of things. The list is not absolute, it only includes a few very simple ideas to start enjoying nature with ease.

  • Meditate outdoors . Experience the magic of nature and let sunlight penetrate your body. 20 minutes in the sun will be enough for your body to make vitamin D naturally, which is necessary for you to have good health.
  • Putting a birdhouse in your yard is a way of inviting the birds to be around you.
  • Taking care of indoor plants is relaxing and therapeutic. The best plants you can get to clean the air are: Lily of Peace, Palms Areca, Fern of Boston, Espatifilo, Margarita Gerbera, Chrysanthemums, Philodendron, and the “Golden Pothos”.
  • It does not have to be a runner or a swimmer or even a walker. You just have to leave the closed spaces and do good things for your body and for your spirit.
  • Try to walk more. When you leave, walk to the store, to work or go to a neighbor’s house. Take the time to observe the trees, leaves, plants and animals on the road. When was the last time you stopped to watch a beautiful web, or see the things that insects do? Open up, let all this take hold of you. As this happens, you will feel how stress leaves you little by little.
  • Plant vegetables and fruits. When you work in the garden, consider planting vegetables. The fruit and the organic vegetables are the healthiest there is.
  • If you spend most of your time locked up, surround yourself there by nature. Install a water source or put plants around it. The natural sound of the water stream to easily relieve stress.
  • Buy salt lamps. Salt lamps are designed to increase the negative ions in the air and this improves your relaxation and promotes calmness throughout your being.
  • The sounds of nature on compact discs are produced knowing that nature is crucial to relieve stress. If you can not be in nature, you can use these sounds to remember experiences you had having been in the sun and nature. If you are at your desk, or anywhere, close your eyes, listen and take a deep breath for a few minutes.
  • What image do you have in your screensaver? Try to download images of nature and among its activities you can divert your mind towards those landscapes.

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