How do I know if stress has affected a person?

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July 26, 2018
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July 30, 2018
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How do I know if stress has affected a person?

We all have some stress in our daily lives – and that is, who can presume to be 100 percent stress free in this modern world? However, if the tension and concerns exceed a certain level, our physical and mental health can be seriously affected … and not taking action on the matter could have serious consequences.

The experts classify the symptoms of stress in four areas: cognitive, physical, emotional and behavioral. These are the main signs that indicate that it is time to lower a bit at speed and recover internal peace at all costs.

1. You feel tired all the time. Be it morning, afternoon or night, the feeling of fatigue never leaves your body. Even if you go to bed early and feel that you have slept well, you wake up the next day and still feel tired. Stress is one of the main energy vampires.

2. You get sick often. First it gives you a deadly attack of flu; When you recover, a tremendous gastritis takes over you. Suffering after suffering is an unequivocal sign that your body is under a lot of stress. This happens because you do not sleep well, you probably feed poorly and have acquired unhealthy habits. According to several studies, the protective capacity of your immune system is reduced by 30 percent when you are stressed.

3. You can not sleep. Has it happened to you that you go around and around in bed and you just can not get to sleep? Even if you feel incredibly tired, you find it impossible to sleep. The moment you lay your head on the pillow, your mind begins to fill with pending tasks. Make a stop in your hectic life if you do not want your health to be seriously affected.

4. Your mind is scattered. Your head is everywhere, and at the same time, none. You have so much in mind that you forget about simple things , like where you left the keys or some important date. Also, you feel unable to concentrate.

5. Your head hurts. If all the time your head hurts or you feel dizzy, you probably need to get away from work and city stress a few days to regain your quality of life. Also, an exercise routine will help you to combat this condition.

6. You are irritable. When you are very stressed, your brain stem-the primitive part of your brain-takes over, and the part that allows you to plan gives up part of it. For this reason, you can exploit practically anything, however insignificant it may seem: the sound of a horn, clothes thrown on the floor, a phrase pronounced by your partner … anyway.

7. Babies (or smoke) more than before. After a hard day’s work, all you want is to get home, open a bottle of beer and drink while watching TV. There’s nothing wrong with having a beer or two after work, but if you feel that this is an escape method, pay attention.

8. You lose your appetite or you eat too much. Due to anxiety, you eat all the time – and not exactly healthy things – or, flat out, you lose all the desire to eat. This can be seen reflected, among many other things, in your weight.

9. You become negative. Negative thoughts have taken hold of you: come what may, everything is wrong. Seeing the negative side of all things is a sign that you are not enjoying what you are doing and that your daily activities are overwhelming you.

10. You are anxious. Even if it’s a weekend and you’re away from the office, you feel anxious and worried. This is reflected in the adoption of hobbies such as biting your nails or even nervous tics.

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