How Do I Get Rid Of Stress Belly?

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How Do I Get Rid Of Stress Belly?

What to do against the stress that causes the belly to swell?

Stress inflates the stomachs of many people. To reduce the impact of stress on belly swelling, you need to understand why this is happening.

Why does the belly swell with stress?

Functional digestive disorders, including bloating, are increasing in modern societies and are largely caused by stress.

Bloating is the main consequence of stress on the stomach . It is an accumulation of gas inside the digestive system that ideally should be evacuated … according to the medicine!

Sociological causes and genetic factors

The change in the organization of society is at the root of this type of digestive disorders. The organization of work, the loss of family values ​​and values, the reduction of free time are the main factors.

This generalized stress affects people in different ways depending on the genetic terrain by affecting the intestine or the colon but sometimes also the liver or the esophagus.

Knowing that globally, women are more affected in the intestine and colon and men are more affected on the side of the liver and esophagus.

Food stress

It is estimated that the dietary causes of stress that inflates the belly are mainly due to sociological causes. This type of stress is even called ”  food stress  “. Here are the main events:

  • dinner too rich or too heavy
  • breakfast on the go without chewing enough for lack of time or no lunch
  • breakfast too fast or no breakfast

Eating disorders

Among the eating disorders, some are generated by stress and are directly involved in functional digestive disorders and swelling of the belly:

  • always eat the same thing
  • nibbling between meals
  • nibbling in the evening
  • consumption of sugary or soft drinks at meals
  • excessive consumption of “light” foods for fear of growing
  • excess of foods considered light (eg green salad, cucumber …) and exclusion of foods that are wrongly considered to be fattening (eg starches) for fear of gaining weight

Changing life rhythms

The sociological causes of stress have a direct impact on changing life patterns. The bloated belly is also a phenomenon that occurs when:

  • you never take the time to relax
  • you do not do any physical activity

What is aerophagia?

The swollen belly most often means that you suffer from aerophagia , that is to say that there is gas in one or more parts of the digestive tract. A single meal can produce liters of gas.

After a meal, one should not feel heavy or bloated . Still, some people have swelling tummies after almost every meal. It is a way of eating that makes you swallow air which causes belching and / or flatulence.

But you can be bloated without gas. Some have a stomach ache and others have belly making noise.

Eating too fast promotes bloating of the belly because the food is not chewed properly. But eating too fast is just one of the consequences of stress that also makes eating anything, at any time.

Flatulence is one of the manifestations of this disorder. Dietary habits are involved, more than the foods themselves, although some are known to favor gas.

Tips against swelling belly

Food advice

If your stomach is swollen because of stress, you need to review the quantity and quality of your food . It is the accumulation of saturated fats, more than the quantity of meals, which causes unpleasant sensations in already stressed stomachs.

Beware of foods too rich in fiber, consumed too often and starchy foods and legumes in too large quantities.

To facilitate digestion, there are tips that work very well:

  • avoid the raw because the cooked will be better digested
  • prefer hot drinks or at room temperature that drinks too cold
  • have fixed meal times
  • have a good magnesium intake
  • maintain good hydration all day

Do not forget to chew well.

Finally, to proscribe if you want to put all the chances of your side against the swollen belly:

  • soft drinks
  • spicy sauces
  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • excess coffee

Do not eat too heavy but not too light either at dinner. Stress awakes and if you are hungry you will not be able to go back to sleep or you will get up to eat.

Lifestyle tips

Are strongly recommended against swollen belly:

  • practicing a relaxation (or leisure) activity against stress such as meditation
  • a better pace of life to improve the quality of sleep
  • the practice of a sporting activity

Ideas for an anti belly menu ballooned by stress

Breakfast :

  • A drink like a homemade fruit juice or tea (no added sugar)
  • A bowl of oatmeal with skim milk

Lunch :

  • 1 chicken breast without skin
  • accompanied by a pan-fried green vegetables (eg broccoli, zucchini, green beans)
  • 1 yogurt

Having dinner :

  • Potato salad and herring fillet
  • 1 apple

Do not forget to identify foods that you digest personally badly. A swollen stomach due to stress should not have to digest poorly tolerated foods.

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