How can you avoid lower back pain?

What causes lower back pain?
July 12, 2018
What Stretching Exercises Can I Do To Relieve Severe Lower Back Pain?
July 13, 2018
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How can you avoid lower back pain?

Who does not hurt your back sometimes? Lumbar pain is so frequent that it has become the second cause of sick leave, after trauma. In addition, medical sources estimate that 80 to 90% will sufferthroughout their lives. The problem is of such magnitude that this Tuesday the World Day of the Lumbar Pain with the aim of helping to eradicate this evil is celebrated .

The Dr. Cayetano Alegre , Rheumatology Service Dexeus University Institute, tells ABC that unpleasant sensations in the back of the human body are a bad modern. “People who live in cities are more likely to suffer it, as is the case with the people who live in the cities in front of the people who live in the countryside,” Alegre says.

The most common causes of lumbar problems arise in the workplace. On the one hand, jobs that require physical overstretching and repetitive and mechanical movements increase the possibility of suffering them. In offices, the main reason lies in an inadequate way of sitting . “Most people sit on the edge of the chair,” says Alegre.

The heels are also harmful to health . When carried, the axis of postural gravity moves forward and the lumbar discs are forced and damaged.

For his part, the head of Rehabilitation of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital, Avelino Ferrero, explains that “80% of people who come to the clinic do not have a clear pathology.” “It is the evil of humanity, especially after 50 years,” sentence.

Consequently, the keys to avoiding pain are focused on prevention and on promoting “a good lumbar belt” through physical exercise. These are the main points:

Avoid carrying weight

The first measure that has to be followed is that of not carrying weight, according to the two doctors consulted by ABC. An example of this bad habit occurs frequently in school children, who are overloaded with books. The backpack should be well placed and assume 15-20% of the child’s body weight , emphasizes Ferrero.

Six keys to avoid back pain

Sport helps develop muscles and is the best prevention to avoid pain. There are violent sports for the back that are not advisable like ballet or basketball. Others like pilates, yoga or swimming are highly recommended. Avelino Ferrero bet on daily walks of 30 to 60 minutes and to avoid rest . «You have to walk at a brisk pace without trotting. Athletes who run also end up having problems even if they wear the right shoes, “he says.

Correct postures

It is essential to adopt the correct position when sitting, preferably in ergonomic seats . To do this, you have to focus the strength on the lower back and straighten the spine. It is also important to keep your back straight when you are standing or walking and avoid the frequent “hump”. At the time of bending down to get something, Dr. Ferrero advises to bend the knees and not bend the spine.

A “normal” mattress

The mattresses that should be used are those of medium type. You have to flee both rigidity and excessive softness. Ferrero dismantles a myth : “Latex mattresses do not remove back pain,” he explains, based on a study carried out at the School of the Back of Ramón y Cajal.

Healthy lifestyle

Tobacco is not good for the back either. The effort made when coughing, as reported by Avelino Ferrero, has harmful effects for the lumbar discs. An excessive body weight is also harmful since the best thing to avoid problems is to stay slim. Finally, mental health is also paramount. It is proven that suffering from depression leads to back pain .

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