How can stress and depression affect your body?

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July 18, 2018
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July 18, 2018
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How can stress and depression affect your body?

Have there been times when you have felt down and suffered a moment of sadness ? Have you ever felt the pain of being rejected? That twinge when you suffer an evil of love?

It is difficult to decide if the sadness will really make you stronger or if it will end weakening progressively.

What is certain is that it can alter the levels of stress in your brain and this can lead you to suffer many diseases.

Here we will explain what are the effects of sadness.

From the brain to the body

When you feel down, the brain circuits of physical and emotional pain overlap .

This not only occurs in the brain areas related to the purely affective component of pain, but also in areas related to somatic perception of pain.

But why does this happen? This generates a negative impact on your body, especially in the immune  system that will potentially increase the risk of suffering some disease , especially inflammatory.

It affects the perception of temperature

It has been proven that the feeling of sadness can increase sensitivity to cold while the company makes you feel warm.

When the experiments provoke or invoke a feeling of rejection and isolation , participants estimate that the temperature of the room is lower and choose to eat and drink hot products.

This relationship still goes beyond the simple sensation. The low body temperature spent a time experienced sadness.

It affects the appetite

Sadness will also affect your appetite, so it will increase the risk that you will gain weight and affect your blood pressure. The direct result is the appearance of hypertension and long-term heart problems.

For this reason, it is not uncommon that when you go through a moment of sadness you feel that the food has no flavor.

Increase stress

Sadness will also affect the hormone cortisol. This is important in the control of blood sugar levels, blood pressure and sleep quality.

All this makes sadness the psychological state most harmful to health. It is related to:

  • Heart disease
  • Lung diseases
  • Liver diseases

Depression, on the other hand, can influence the appearance of cancer .

Both stress and depression can favor the precipitation of a disease and aggravate it.

When you are stressed or extremely sad, you can observe how nothing works regularly. Your defenses go down and the risk of falling ill increasesconsiderably.

What is the solution? It is not stress that causes the problems of the immune system, but the perception that nothing can be done to prevent it.

The brain needs more energy

It usually seems a bit unusual to think that the brain is more active when you are sad. However, this happens because, during a time of sadness, the brain works much more: they activate more than 70 different brain regions.

How is this? It is simple to understand. While you are sad you can remember, think, suffer and reason in search of solutions or new alternatives .

There are those who, in these situations, hardly sleep.

Hence, the hippocampus, the frontal part of the brain and the temporal lobes are active. Keep in mind that the brain uses 20% of all your energy but in situations where you are sad, you work much more.

In turn, your need for glucose  to elevate the brain rises . This causes you to feel anxious about eating sweet things.

You develop disorders

When you are sad, serotonin decreases and this decrease affects in the medium and long term. It can provoke :

  • Depression
  • Compulsive obsessions
  • Violent starts

This neurotransmitter is associated with your personal motivation, but you have to be strong and find in those moments of introspection new resources with which to get ahead .

It is very likely that at this time you visit the doctor because you do not feel well.

The result will be that medical tests show that your health is perfect. And it’s true, physically it’s fine, but psychically, no.

You will need to cry

Crying may make you feel better. When you feel sad, your brain accumulates too much tension and you need to expel that anxiety in some way.

The crying  is perfect to relax and release everything you feel. After doing so, you will begin to secrete endorphins that will make you feel more relaxed .

Therefore, it is important that when you feel like crying, do not resist. Take it out and you will see how you will feel liberated.

Some people opt for other activities that also help generate endorphins, such as having sex or exercising. These two options also work and they are not bad.

Of course, crying is necessary from time to time.

The effects of sadness on your health can be very negative. You can not always feel good but you can find alternatives to alleviate those tensions .

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