How can someone develop good posture?

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June 26, 2018
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June 27, 2018
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How can someone develop good posture?

It is also important to pay attention to our posture when we sleep to avoid pain when we wake up. The most recommended position is to sleep on your side with your legs slightly bent.

In addition to impairing our physical appearance and causing us headaches and backaches, poor posture can lead to chronic and lasting problems such as chronic fatigue, herniated discs, and poor body alignment.

There are different causes of poor posture, such as being overweight, lack of muscle tone, or poor posture during a long sitting or walking period, etc.

They all have a suitable solution, especially if they are given attention and time. Indeed, all these reasons can be eliminated with a little will.

A stable aesthetic posture is one that keeps the body well aligned and stable.

To achieve this, it is very important to maintain his spine in a straight axis, without lateral deviation or curvature in its upper part, (what is more commonly called a hump), as in its lower part (it s is scoliosis).

Many daily activities cause us to have a bad posture, which can do us a lot of harm.

Sedentary lifestyle, prolonged use of electronic devices or poor sleep status , among other reasons, can lead to poor posture without real awareness .

Fortunately, some tips can help us to get back to proper posture.

If the changes occur over time, you must be convinced that finding a good posture is essential for your body.

Facing the mirror

Stand in front of your mirror, and look at your entire body trying to maintain a good position.

Keep in mind that you need to distribute your body weight evenly on both legs, throwing your shoulders back well to level your entire figure .

You will know that you have reached the right position when a perfectly straight imaginary line will be traced from your ear, through your shoulder, to your hip and knee, to your ankle.

Back against the wall

Another easy way to adopt a correct posture is to press the shoulders and buttocks against a wall.

To find out if you are adopting a proper posture, you must move your hand between your hips and the wall .

If your hand does not enter, or narrowly, your posture is too tilted forward. If, on the contrary, you have too much space, your posture is too inclined to the back.

In sitting position

Check that your back is straight, shoulders back and feet resting on the floor.

Remember that it is not good to cross your legs for a long time , as this can obstruct blood circulation and cause leg swelling, and in the long run, varicose veins.

In standing up position

Your chest should point upwards, and your abdomen should be in tension. Your abdominal muscles are the ones that help maintain your posture.

The weight of your body should be evenly distributed between your two legs, and your knees should be slightly bent.

During the walk

Your head should be kept straight and your neck should be well erect.

You should not look at the floor for too long, as this can cause you neck pain.

Be sure to first put on your heel when you walk , before spreading your foot to the tip.  

In the bed

The best posture for sleeping well is on the side, with your legs slightly bent.

This position helps to keep the column aligned in the best way , and facilitates breathing by avoiding snoring.

On a chair

To maintain a perfect posture, especially when you have an important appointment, many experts recommend sitting on the edge of a chair so that the back stays upright, and can not bend over. back of the chair.

To maintain balance with this posture, it is recommended to put one foot under the chair, and extend the other forward .


Physical exercises are essential for stretching the muscles and keeping them in optimal condition, which is fundamental to maintaining correct posture.

It is recommended to walk, run, swim or stretch, among other things, while paying attention to his posture.

It is very important that people who spend a lot of time take a moment to stretch their muscles and maintain good posture .

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