How can I stop higher/ upper back pain?

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July 10, 2018
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July 11, 2018
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How can I stop higher/ upper back pain?

The neck feels stiff and tense, and you feel pain in the upper spine? Pain in the upper back can be very uncomfortable. We explain where these complaints come from and how you can effectively relieve back pain.

Upper back pain can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as poor posture or sitting, bad bending and lifting, or sports injuries.

When the back hurts up – symptoms

Upper back pain usually affects the cervical vertebrae or the areas of the thoracic spine. They manifest in symptoms similar to lower back pain : stiffness, muscular tension, and restricted mobility.

Some sufferers complain in the morning after getting over pressing and acute back pain in the upper part of the spine. These can cause the neck and shoulders to stiffen , which is extremely uncomfortable and limits the ability to move. In addition, the back  problems can cause headaches – especially if the pain is in the neck.

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Upper back pain – causes

Back pain can be triggered by a variety of factors, including:

Muscular injuries or joint fractures (inflammation):

They are the most common cause of upper back pain. They mostly occur in the muscles around the shoulder blades. The main joint of the shoulder, the Glenohumeral joint, connects the arms to the torso. This joint is the most flexible in the whole body – and therefore the most unstable.

To compensate for this vulnerability, the shoulder consists of a variety of strong muscles that support the joint while allowing a variety of movements. These muscles extend over the upper back and shoulders. They are very prone to injury, which in turn can cause pain.

Living habits:

Certain lifestyle habits can contribute to tension and pain in the upper back, such as a repeated unilateral load on the back due to:

  • too little sport or excessive sport with wrong technique
  • overweight
  • too long sitting, especially with a wrong, one-sided attitude: eg stop reflex posture , in which the upper part of the back is strongly rounded and leads to painful muscle tension.
  • the lifting of heavy objects
  • a permanently high stress load

Other causes:

There are a number of diseases that can cause upper back pain. Many of them are spinal problems, including herniated discs , pinched nerves, rheumatism or “sweating” arthritis of the vertebral joints in the cervical and thoracic vertebrae. In some cases, back pain in the thoracic spine, tightness of the upper body and shortness of breath may also be signs of a heart attack . In case of severe pain, consult a doctor immediately!

What treatment options are there?

If the cause of your back pain is a muscular injury or muscle strain, you can treat the affected area with an ice compress – a bag of frozen peas is one of the simplest solutions here.

An analgesic gel containing, for example, active ingredients such as ibuprofen or a herbal medicine such as arnica can help reduce back pain and make your upper back more flexible. Devil’s Claw can also be used internally for general joint pain.

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If the back pain persists or recurs, your doctor may also prescribe a manual therapy to a physical therapist or chiropractor. The treatment can include massages and manual movements of the joint so that it loosens and restores the ability to move. The treatment also includes exercises that should be done at home and during the day.

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