How can I relief upper back pain from bad sleeping position?

What’s a good remedy for upper back pain?
July 11, 2018
What is the reason for upper back pain?
July 12, 2018
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How can I relief upper back pain from bad sleeping position?

How to sleep well if you have back pain?

Stress, poor postures at work, sudden stress, heavy loads, sitting or standing … The causes of back pain are extremely varied and numerous. Nearly 80% of French people complain of back pain! Considered the evil of the century, it affects even the youngest.

Back pain can greatly alter the quality of sleep. A bad position when sleeping can aggravate these pains. And since rest is essential to treat back pain … it seems that it is impossible to get out of this vicious circle!

Two things are to be preferred if one wishes to increase the quality of his sleep and avoid back pain: the position in which one sleeps and the choice of a bed adapted to the way of sleeping and to its morphology.

What bed for what sleep?

It has long been believed that the firmer a mattress is, the better for the back. A common mistake that only made things worse. On a mattress too hard, the spine, which is not straight but slightly arched, can not rest in a natural position which creates tension and pain. It is therefore essential to choose a mattress that offers a welcoming adapted to different parts of the body such as the back, shoulders or legs and differentiated comfort zones. Muscle relaxation and good blood circulation are important factors for a regenerative sleep. If you feel a pressure point during the night, there is a tendency to turn around which is equivalent to a waking up and alters the quality of sleep.



The different mattresses

  • Memory foam mattresses provide extraordinary comfort. One has the feeling of being in weightlessness, which is due to the absence of pressure points. Relaxation is optimal. The mattress adapts to the shape of the body, including when it turns! Ergonomics is very important as well as independence of sleeping. This type of mattress is also recommended for people with osteoarthritis.
  • The natural latex mattress offers a soft welcome, the elasticity of latex guaranteeing comfort. We have a feeling of absorption, of great relaxation. This natural material is breathable and allows perfect air circulation, summer and winter.
  • The spring mattress provides point-by-point support. The more springs, the more the mattress is ergonomic, responsive and adapts to the body and its movements. Support areas are multiplied, comfort is extreme.
  • If one wishes a so-called ” hotelier comfort   “, one can couple a firm mattress to a mattress overlay , integrated or not, in memory foam. Of varying thickness, the mattress topper will ensure an ergonomic welcome while the mattress will support perfect. It is the ideal solution for people with back pain.

Finally, for all types of mattresses, it is necessary to choose the adapted mattress under penalty of greatly reducing its beneficial effects. Some sommières, highly technological make it possible to reproduce the mechanism of the spine. In order to obtain an ideal support and an optimal comfort. The electric bed bases offer the possibility of relieving this or that part of the body and are recommended for people with back problems.




What positions to adopt if you have back pain?

We spend almost a third of our life in a bed, so adopting the right position to sleep is essential. The body is immobile during sleep, if 
we stay many hours frozen in a bad position, the quality of sleep will be poor, we will not really rested and waking may also be difficult, even painful if you suffer from aches or stiffness in the neck. Depending on whether you sleep on your side, your stomach or your back, there are tips to avoid back pain or to relieve it if you already suffer from it.

The positions of sleep

  • If you sleep on your back: It is recommended to place, in addition to the pillow for the head, a second cushion under the knees. This will support the natural curvature of the spine and prevent twisting of the kidneys. It is important to check that the neck is well aligned and relaxed, so as to avoid tension. In order to relieve sciatic nerve pain, the best position is to lie on your back, knees slightly bent and supported by a pillow.
  • If sleeping on your side: It is advisable to lie with your knees bent towards the abdomen. With a pillow between the knees if possible to relieve the joints. One can also place several cushions at places in the body that require more support for optimal relaxation. A first pillow first under the head to keep the neck in alignment with the spine. A second, placed under the arm, will contribute very effectively to keep it in the alignment of the shoulders. To prevent aching muscles throughout the upper body area. A last cushion, placed between the thighs and knees will keep alignment with the hips and relieve the pressure exerted by the upper leg.
  • If you sleep on your stomach: A pillow is needed to raise your head. It is particularly advisable to place a second cushion under the abdomen so as to keep the spine aligned.


But most important, when suffering from the back is to manage to relax. Tension and stress promote muscle contractures. This ends up by losing flexibility to the ligaments and causing more severe pain and almost chronic.

Some relaxation techniques, practiced before going to bed can help to relax. As a soft light for example, a quiet atmosphere, a room ventilated at a mild temperature but not too hot. Massages, relaxation exercises or meditation, all help to stimulate the production of endorphins which are other than natural analgesics also acting on back pain.


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