Does gas on skin cause neurological issues?

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June 29, 2018
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July 2, 2018
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Does gas on skin cause neurological issues?

With regard to many skin diseases, stress is a very favorable factor and in the opposite direction, certain skin diseases can also cause stress.

It is therefore a factor of two-way relationship because stress is always ubiquitous.

Skin disease and psychological stress

Stress is therefore responsible for the appearance of many skin diseases, including psychological stress, which is related to the emotional, personal, relationship, professional and the various traumas that life sometimes offers.

Some states such as pregnancy or puberty can also engender this psychological stress. Quality of life decreases and diseases appear.

Acne, psoriasis , eczema are among the skin diseases most commonly caused by the phenomenon of stress.

These diseases are difficult to bear and thus, in turn, they further accentuate a person’s state of stress. Stress can also and sneakily trigger dormant but pre-existing illness.

This relationship dermatoses and stress involves the skin which is a barrier between environment and interior of the body. In a state of deep stress it is not uncommon to see a person scratching strongly on a specific area. The process is however different when it comes to inflammatory dermatoses. Stress can easily be said to alter the skin’s immune system. Being able to manage your stress is essential to avoid various pathologies.

Skin diseases that are often caused by stress

Skin diseases such as acne, urticaria, psoriasis, rosacea are aggravated by the phenomenon of stress, eczema is often the result of a state of stress like the itching that sometimes occur suddenly or the rashes of cold sores or rashes.


Acne and stress do not mix well. Stress disrupts the immune system as well as healing, it also applies to recovery after surgery or the storage of fat in the body. Stress is therefore an alarming scourge on this acne skin disease, which is therefore accentuated in stressful conditions, and this is often the case for students who see their exams approaching …

Other diseases such as mouth ulcers or ulcers, seborrheic dermatitis, atypical dermatitis, itching of anxiety, eczema, psoriasis are also favored by a state of stress.

Stress aggravates or causes skin diseases

Stress is an aggravating factor or triggers many diseases including skin diseases. Thus, and for a long time, the link between stress and skin diseases including acne, psoriasis and eczema exists. In a state of advanced stress, dermatologists find immediate manifestations on the skin that are clearly visible. Depending on the state of stress, emotions and social interactions come into account in the occurrence of various skin diseases including the most common eczema.

Doctors explain that since the brain is not doing well, a molecular cascade from the hypothalamus is created, and stress hormones spread through the body to the skin, which necessarily weakens it.

For acne, the effects are visible with the sudden appearance of pimples. Warts, herpes, excessive sweating, rosacea or eczema, psoriasis are therefore readily available because of annoyances and emotions. This has been well established for skin diseases in cases where they are not related to viruses or diseases, it is the psychic origin that is responsible.

Even if it is not easy, you must try to manage your stress as much as the whole body reacts to this condition.

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