Does emotional stress cause physical pain?

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July 25, 2018
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July 25, 2018
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Does emotional stress cause physical pain?

There is increasing talk about psychosomatism and scientists are gradually losing arguments against the dispute about the close relationship of the psyche and physiology.

Tingling in the throat

The pain or the feeling of having a lump in the throat speaks for you. It means that you hide old grudges or contain the words that have long been blocked by your mind . For some, this situation can be limited to oppressive pain and tingling, while in others this discomfort can remain forever in the form of a chronic cough.

  • All our fears, anxieties and pains must be expressed. If you do, the “colds” will occur to a lesser extent.

Vision problems

Myopia reflects the fear of the future . Literally, you do not want to look forward and constantly keep yourself in limbo. The prolonged wait for an answer can cause severe stress and become depression. In this context, you can even develop  glaucoma , which can lead to blindness.

  • Nobody knows what awaits him in the future, but someday we all leave the comfort zone. This is going to happen to you too. Accept it and fear will recede positions.
  • Sometimes it is useful not to anticipate, plan or think about how you will be in the future. Live the here and now.

Eruptions on the face

If you do not eat 2 kg of chocolate a day and you are not 14 years old, acne on the face may appear due to a mismatch with yourself or due to subconscious fear of other people.

  • You’re not a $ 100 bill that could please everyone, but you’re still great. Love yourself.

Pitchwife: a symptom of sadness

If in the cartoons the protagonist hunches with his back making a bow and his ears are hidden on the shoulders, it is evident that something unpleasant has happened to him  or, simply, he is sad. This, of course, is an exaggerated but plausible image.

  • If you suffer from this disease of the back, you are recommended joy, fun and maximum rest.
  • Starting with jokes at a board meeting can be a little complicated, so just straighten your back and shoulders. Blood will reach the brain saturated with oxygen and you will feel better.

When the heart hurts

When you have a feeling of anguish in the stomach area, it is the diaphragm that responds with strong tension to our worries. Because of that the cardiovascular system suffers. It turns out that the person can really die of anguish.

  • Set a time limit to “suffer.” Yourself. Do not listen to other people’s advice.
  • Meditation, sessions with a therapist, afternoon tea with friends. Find warmth and support.
  • Do not accumulate your emotions inside you. Give them exit in any form: a hysterical laugh, shout, tears … It is better to exploit once you remain forever as a neurotic.

Scoliosis: a sign of internal strength

Have you ever noticed how a child behaves when they yell at him? It shrinks, it bends and its size shrinks before us. Your spine, the pillar of the human body, is deformed by emotional oppression. This security feature allows you to keep your internal jurisdiction.

  • This does not mean that people with excellent posture are weak in character. On the contrary, constant work in the posture strengthens self-confidence.


How often do you say “I can not stand it”, “I can not stand this man” or “The boss will not let me breathe”? Allergy is an inadequate, excessive reaction to a threat. The irritation of the skin is your psychological irritation, in the true sense of the word.

  • If you can not change the situation, change your attitude towards her: “this person has its advantages”, “this job now comes to me that I have not even painted”.

Difficulty breathing

Did you notice how most asthmatics look? They are very insecure, closed people. Psychoanalysts show that in the origins of the disease of difficulty of breathing is the syndrome of the abandoned child. The fear of losing security, impotence and a strong attachment to his mother.

  • Even if you do not see it, they love you. Your relatives and friends, followers in social networks … you are not alone, believe us.
  • Create in your mind a safe place where you can go to rest mentally. Transport yourself there from time to time and, little by little, this sensation will happen to your real life.

Pain in the stomach

When our self-love is hurt, pain can start from the neck, go through the chest and stomach and cause nausea. Just for that, you have to respond to insults with dignity and not ignore swallowing offenses.

  • Know what you’re worth Learn to answer those who offend you.
  • Here those same nocturnal reflections can help: “I had to have responded in a different way”. Oddly enough, they help us overcome these physical ailments.
  • Sometimes you need to know how to let things go. We do not know what is happening in the lives of other people and what can cause the explosion of another, however timid it may be.

Hair loss

Hair loss is often caused by the deep suffering of some losses, arguments, breakups with loved ones or betrayals.

  • In any strange situation, take the vitamins. The friends and the couple come and go, health stays with you.
  • Do not keep the sadness in your heart like the old letters. Express yourself, release your emotions. For that, the sport and the true support of a friend will come to you.

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