Does cracking one’s neck and spine cause any damage?

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June 28, 2018
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June 28, 2018
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Does cracking one’s neck and spine cause any damage?

Neck pain is usually caused by incorrect posture or repetitive movements. This can cause stress, ligament injury, or spasm of the neck muscles.

In most cases, it’s bad habits that hurt the neck . Other health problems can also cause neck pain without us being aware of it.

Today, we’ll tell you what habits you should change to avoid neck pain.

lack of exercise

Low physical activity damages the body in many aspects

Lack of exercise is also harmful to the neck, because  the discs need exercise to maintain the necessary balance of the cells.

The structure of the spine allows us to move. In case of lack of movement, however, injuries may occur, with pain in particular concentrated in the neck.

How can this be prevented? Sporting activity of any kind can help:

  • Walking or walking
  • To run
  • swim
  • Dance
  • yoga

Especially at the beginning you should not overburden yourself. If you start with an intense routine every day, you could not only hurt your neck, but also your knees or spine.

Bad attitude

Many are tormented by neck pain, and often sitting at the computer for long periods is to blame because it does not take into account the  natural flexion of the spine.

Due to the poor support of the lower back area and a lack of support of the arms, many who have to sit at the computer for a long time tend to lean forward.

This posture in C-form damages the neck. There is additional pressure on the neck and in the lumbosacral area.

An ergonomic workplace would be ideal to improve your posture and to protect your health. You should also change your posture every 30-40 minutes (an alarm on your watch can always remind you).

This allows the following:

  • The blood flows again.
  • The circulation is improved.
  • The spine can rest a bit.

However, your posture may also be affected by other factors: inappropriate footwear , carrying too much weight (shopping bags or backpack), etc.

Did you know that you should not wear more than 10% of your weight? Although it is not always easy, this should be considered especially in children, because they often carry in the school bag too heavy weight.


As is generally known, smoking is very damaging to the health, even for the neck. This bad habit can lead to chronic neck pain!

Smoking causes dehydration of the intervertebral discs and accelerates degeneration. As a result, there are  herniated discs  or pressure on the spine.

Smoking also leads to blockage of the blood vessels, which in turn means that, among other things, the spine gets less oxygen over time.

Constant use of the mobile phone

Tapping continuously on the phone can not only put strain on your fingers. Each time you look down on your phone, the neck muscles are tense.

Imagine a medicine ball on a T-shaped golf club. Your head weighs about 5 kg, which is a heavy burden when the medicine ball is put back on the golf club.

Less time on the phone or keeping it at eye level when in use could reduce the problem.


Even too little sleep can cause uncomfortable neck pain the next morning. This happens very often, especially if you drink alcohol the night before.

The reason for this is that you usually turn in your sleep more often and change the body position. After taking alcohol, however, the sleeping position is hardly changed. 

This can lead to the neck being uncomfortable and therefore tense. To avoid this, it is best to reduce the consumption of alcohol so that you do not lose control of the body. The best way to do it without alcohol!

Bed and pillows are not comfortable

Often we are not aware of it: Too high or too soft pillows can also harm the neck. This is because the correct posture of the head is disturbed, which affects the neck.

Too soft mattress is also a mistake, as it creates pressure points on the spine. And a too-hard bed prevents the natural curvature of the spine to lie comfortably.

So choose a solid mattress and ergonomic pillows to keep the head and spine out of bed when you sleep.

Put off bad habits

Have you now recognized your wrong habits? It is time to change them to protect your neck and avoid discomfort.

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