Does birth control cause back pain?

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June 29, 2018
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June 29, 2018
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Does birth control cause back pain?

Back pain after birth

Many women complain of a painful back after birth. Give yourself time and rest to recover from this considerable physical effort! Then, the symptoms will usually subside after some time by itself. Find out more about how you can make your everyday life easier on the back.

The female body during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the female body changes dramatically to meet the challenges of the expectant mother. The holding apparatus of a woman is therefore inherently more flexible than that of a man, making him more susceptible to back problems. During pregnancy, the ligaments of the pelvic girdle loosen up to dilate the birth canal, while the abdominal muscles give way to the uterus.

Trained musculature and proper posture

Since, in particular, the abdominal muscles are very weak after birth, the body tries to balance the resulting deficit with arms, shoulders and back. Postnatal exercise will help you to slowly rebuild your weakened muscles.

Even a wrong posture when breastfeeding the baby is a possible reason for back problems . Do not bring the breast to the child, but the child to the chest. So do not lean forward to avoid a cramped posture.

When sitting, standing or walking, also pay attention to a correct posture. In pregnancy, you were forced by the shift of weight to the stomach in an unnatural hollow cross. An exercise ball or an ergonomically shaped seat cushion can support an upright posture and avoid tension.

Lifting and carrying: stress test for your back

Even though the baby’s weight is still low at the beginning, lifting and carrying around the baby is a heavy burden on a woman’s back. Be sure to kneel with your back straight to lift the child up . In bending over your discs are more heavily loaded than sitting, standing or walking!

It also puts less stress on your back when you’re carrying your baby on the stomach instead of the back. Give your back a regular rest by placing your child in the stroller instead of wearing it with the diaper towel.

At best, even help carry heavy household items until their weakened muscles have rebuilt and adjust the size of the changing table to avoid a cramped posture.

How mental stress damages your back

Even mental stress can sit in the form of tension in the back and cause discomfort! Do not put too high expectations on yourself after giving birth, but treat your body and soul with rest and relaxation.

Relaxation methods such as yoga or Pilates help reduce stress and strengthen a variety of muscles. Warm relaxation baths also provide strength and promote the circulation of cramped muscles to counteract tension.

When a medical examination becomes unavoidable

If you suffer from severe, long-lasting pain in the back, which does not disappear after a few days, a medical examination is inevitable. Reason may be blockages in the lumbar spine or irritated intervertebral joints, which may occur through the hollow back in pregnancy.

The complaints can also be caused by a newly occurred herniated disc. Due to the heavy stress during pregnancy, the outer fibrous ring of an intervertebral disc may have shifted or is torn so that the inner gelatinous core can escape. If the spinal canal or nerve roots are squeezed, pain in the back or sensory disturbances can occur in the body region that supplies the affected nerve.

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