Do Stress Balls Actually Reduce Stress?

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August 30, 2018
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Do Stress Balls Actually Reduce Stress?

In an entry in our blog we already discussed the issue of whether anti-stress balls really work . In it, we saw that indeed they work to relax and release tension, thanks to the effect known as “muscle relaxation”

Anti-stress balls have many benefits: emotional, physiological and psychological to combat stress.

Emotional benefits of anti-stress balls.

  • Tension release: When you squeeze your fist around a stress ball, the muscles in your hand and wrist tighten. The size of a stress ball makes it ideal for use on your desk after a phone call or stressful meeting.
  • Stimulation of the nerves: The manipulation of the stress ball can stimulate the nerves that are present in the hands. These nerves are connected to parts of the brain-especially the limbic region-that are associated with your emotions. Stimulation works like acupressure where the stimulation of an area affects other parts of the body.
  • Attention Deviation: By concentrating on the anti-stress ball, you will stop thinking about the source of your stress. Your mind and body relax – similar to the effect you can get through meditation.
  • Improved mood: The brain stimulation that is associated with the use of the stress ball can also release endorphins that act as soothing and sedative. This can improve your mood.

Physical benefits of anti-stress balls.

Lower risk of stress injuries.

Regular use of stress balls can strengthen the muscles of the fingers and hands. Improving the muscle tone of these muscles can prevent repetitive injuries. Some exercises you can try are:

  • To improve the strength of the wrist, you can press for a count of three and release. Repeat 20 times.
  • To improve the strength of your fingers, you can pinch the ball between your thumb and each finger one at a time.
  • As a hand strengthening exercise, you can twist the stress ball in both hands. Alternate the torsion direction to obtain the full benefit.

Treatment of hand conditions.

Using a stress ball can exercise the fingers and hands, which can be especially useful in conditions such as arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The use of anti-stress balls can be useful to improve problems related to the carpal tunnel, although excessive use can aggravate the condition.

Improve circulation

The contraction of the muscles of the finger and hand improves blood flow to the area of ​​the hand and wrist. This helps to eliminate toxins and other waste products and improves the functioning of these.


The physiotherapists use stress balls that contain gels of variable consistency to strengthen and rehabilitate the muscles of the fingers, hands and wrists. The different gels offer different resistances while reinforcing the muscles.

Psychological benefits of anti-stress balls.

Autism therapy with anti-stress balls.

You can use a stress ball to help control the self-stimulatory behavior of children with autism. The child can learn to squeeze the ball instead of swinging, turning or using repetitive words and phrases.

Stress balls can also give the child an outlet to alleviate frustrations. Squeezing a stress ball is an excellent fine motor activity for occupational therapy as well.

Help for children with AD / HD.

Using a stress ball can help a child with ADHD to control restless fingers. This can allow the child to concentrate on listening or completing the task.

What should I know about anti-stress :

Stress and anxiety is one of the causes of sick leave. An effective way to combat stress in the office is with anti-stress advertising balls . Although it seems unreal to perform the simple gesture of squeezing a ball can  help relieve tensions  suffered during the workday. In recent years the stress has increased considerably, the related businesses around it have increased as massage centers, yoga clubs, therapeutic treatment, medicines, etc.

Stress is the cause of many other pathologies and diseases so if it is not treated in time it can degenerate into worse consequences for health. The anti stress balls are obviously not the cure of stress but they will provide a grain of sand to combat it. Here are some questions you should know.

They are really effective according to the studies carried out.   They help in moments of tension and anxiety to mitigate these symptoms. When a person becomes nervous or has anxiety their muscles become tense. By compressing the anti-stress balls it helps to make this tension disappear and the muscles relax . This relaxation of the body is immediate and also facilitates the clearing of the mind.

There is a great variety of colors and materials . Although the most popular are those of round foam there are several models made of different materials. They exist in the shape of a house, doctor, star, airplane and can even be made to measure in the way that the client wishes. As for the materials, they are also manufactured in rubber, vinyl, latex, etc.There is a different ball for each sector of the industry . The basic models are manufactured in a wide variety of colors so you will surely find one of the corporate color of your company.

Numerous types of anti-stress advertising balls to choose from

One of the most popular models are anti-stress balls with a heart shape . It is well known that tensions and stress do not get along very well with heart disease. This type of ball is one of the perfect gifts for everything related to cardiology and heart health issues .
There are other models of balls related to the world of medicine such as those in the form of a pill, doctor and nurse. These models fit perfectly as a gift for a medical convention or for a clinic.

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