Can Stress Cause Premature Aging?

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August 21, 2018
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Can Stress Cause Premature Aging?

Pilar Z, is a 43 year old woman. Until four years ago I was a leading professional in the field of medicine. The health company of the state in which she worked was liquidated and she decided and saw necessary to consolidate her knowledge, achieve higher income and position: Specialize. So he took his savings and gave himself a year and a half sabbatical to achieve it. I paid a fort of sum for the postgraduate and remained economically stable. Finished his studies he dedicated himself to look for a job, two and a half years have passed and he has not achieved it. The saved was over, and the phone started ringing, the same day that the fee for her apartment could not pay anymore, the bank choked her, up to 20 calls a day if she did not answer, recordings on her landline, the high fees of the credit card were put to the top because with her she left economic worries, the maintenance of her daughter and the mere fact of surviving, it became a dead end. He began to stop sleeping, he intensified the consumption of cigarettes, he climbed 40 kilos because he dedicated himself to eat everything that crossed his path, stopped covering his first gray hair and completely. It went opaque! and stopped looking at herself in the mirror, while those around her became very concerned, because of that beautiful, talented, prosperous and confident woman, there was absolutely nothing left. Today, almost obliged, since she no longer has to pay for an eps, she received a good friend invitation to visit the specialist. Dr. Andrés Lucena, the only doctor specializing in anti-aging medicine and preventive medicine, who accepted your case. Pilar with minimal faith began his treatment, two months later he has already lost ten kilos, dyed his hair, walks two hours a day and his system has begun to understand that he was subjected to a very high level of stress that achieved this progressive deterioration. By February 2012 they have promised him an excellent position and now he hopes to start a new life again-

The truth of all this, although it seems incredible is that as our friend, there are thousands and perhaps millions of Colombians who live the intense stress that produces the crisis of our country, but as they say there the important thing is not to lose faith and less allow that life is great for us Medicine has evolved remarkably and it is true that all human beings have the potential to live around 120 years. Anti-aging medicine is the answer so that we can all achieve this goal with quality of life and not prostrate in a bed without knowing who we are and become a burden for society. To achieve this, we can do very simple things that are within our reach to optimize the functions of our body and keep it healthy, preventing the onset of chronic-degenerative diseases,

Incredibly but the truth of concepts such as: “we are what we eat” and “food is our medicine” are millennia. We have observed that people who consume more fruits and vegetables have less cancer, fewer cardiovascular diseases, less neurodegenerative diseases, etc., and we know that chronic diseases are associated with increased production of free radicals (oxidative stress) and that fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. Therefore, antioxidants should prevent these diseases by directly neutralizing these free radicals, which is partially true, as we now know that some compounds derived from fruits and vegetables alter the expression of genes in the human body, among those that are biologically activating compounds of genes (sirtruinas) involved in the increase of the demonstrated longevity of the caloric restriction. The first thing is to put on our plates a rainbow of organic fruits and vegetables of all colors, which are the ones that have all the antioxidants and compounds that activate our good genes and do not consume anything white, like processed and sweet flours, which are the poisons that activate our bad genes. Secondly, there is the exercise, which we can all do and for which we only need a good pair of sneakers. It is proven that you only need to walk, quickly, three or more times a week for 45 minutes to activate this fabulous anti-aging medicine that decreases the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease,

Third, we must all know how are the levels of our hormones (sexual, DHEA, cortisol, growth hormone, thyroid), since these begin to decrease from 30 years, and this gives the signal to our body that we are already getting old. Likewise, this situation is correlated with the appearance of chronic-degenerative diseases. Fourth, we must know the toxic load in our body through hair, blood and urine tests that determine the level of toxic substances such as mercury, lead, aluminum etc., and establish a program guided by your detoxification doctor . As also, we must maintain a good functioning of the intestine, preventing or correcting porous gut syndrome causing autoimmune diseases.

Therefore, correcting oxidative stress and inflammation, returning our hormones to the levels of our young years with identical bio hormones, improving the response to stress, regulating glucose and insulin, detoxifying our body and improving our immune system, we can affirm, without any doubt, that nowadays the years of healthy and productive life can be increased.

Is there any kind of relationship between hormones and stress?

ANDRES LUCENA : Stress accompanies us in many situations of modern life, prolonged and repeated stress, whether good or bad, makes us age faster, since it compromises the equilibrium of all our organic systems and produces reactions that end up provoking damage. As stress continues, important levels of hormones such as cortisol, sex hormones and thyroid hormones drop considerably, and reserves and the production of new hormones decrease little by little. The body and the endocrine glands suffer, which causes the appearance of signs of deterioration in the tissues, and fatigue and anxiety become permanent.

People who have a cortisol deficit ( which can be measured by a saliva test, which is analyzed in a specialized laboratory, reporting its elevation and therefore easier to treat it medically ) and Chronic stress suffer its consequences in their thoughts and emotions, especially in situations of high stress. These manifest as extreme anxiety and fits of anger, and end in depression. This is due to the excessive production of adrenaline and other catecholamines (they are released in the blood during moments of physical or emotional stress.) The major catecholamines are: dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine that used to be called adrenaline.). that cause an initial shock and then, when worn, a depression and extreme tiredness. On the other hand, having a deficit of cortisol, the person experiences a low sugar or hypoglycemia, which forces them to eat sweets or sugar. This causes insulin to increase because of an increased demand for energy in the cells and the blood sugar drops again. In this way, the person returns to eating sweets, which increases the problems of overweight and obesity. This forms a vicious circle of stress, hypoglycemia, eating sugar and fattening. Recent studies have found that cortisol stimulates enzymes in fat cells that increase the deposit of visceral fat. Also, due to the lack of cortisol, which is the body’s natural anti-inflammatory, the person begins to suffer from various “itis”, from rhinitis to colitis,

Excessive stress is harmful to the entire body. It can be the primary cause of acne, eczema ( Chronic skin disorder that involves flaking eruptions ), psoriasis ( sprouts ), itchy skin, hair loss, excessive sweating, rosacea ( reddening of the skin ), dandruff , oral herpes and urticaria. It can also cause insomnia, overeating, smoking and drinking, which ends up affecting secondary to the skin.

Stains may also appear on the skin because prolonged stress produces cortisol and ACTH deficiency. In an effort to compensate for this loss, the adrenal gland is stimulated excessively, which also produces melanin (a hormone responsible for pigmentation of the skin), which results in hyper pigmentation or spots.

Stress can also affect the hair, producing an unusual fall, thinning or a production problem.

With high levels of stress, do we age more quickly?

AL: A person subjected to a lot of stress ages quickly and the signs of aging appear without realizing: the hair becomes gray and falls, the wrinkles increase day by day, the quality of the skin degrades, the tiredness is continuous with great suffering Undoubtedly, all studies are conclusive and show that chronic and prolonged stress develops the appearance of all chronic degenerative diseases and increases mortality from any cause.

What to do to combat or control stress?

AL: The first thing we have to do is modify our lifestyle, which is what leads us to get sick. We must eliminate the cause and the factors that aggravate the disease. The adrenals can not be cured of fatigue if they are not given the opportunity to rest. We have to minimize the damaging stress of our life and remove feelings of disability from our minds, which weaken us the most. Each one of us knows what is best for us and what hurts us. We need vacations.

The main symptom of chronic stress is fatigue and we must know what is the cause, what takes away our energy. Maybe it’s someone, our job, our house, the environment, our food. We must act and take distance. We have to learn to relax; by doing so, we change a nervous autonomic sympathetic response (of excitement) to a parasympathetic (relaxation) response, which decreases heart rate and respiratory rate, increases oxygenation, relaxes our muscles and reduces blood pressure.

This is the culture of repression and repressed emotions, leading to the disease, which, as we saw, is determined by emotional factors that generate a toxic chemical in our body, which also deteriorates health in all aspects. This is the culture of distrust, lack of love, separation and insecurity.

To counteract this terrible reality, we must give our lives a great dose of spirituality: a time with ourselves, of stillness, of solitude, of meditation, of pause and silence every day; Give us some time to feel ourselves. The optimal and perfect fuel of the unit is the natural unconditional love and a positive attitude towards life. We must return to communion with nature and be one with it. Love gives us security and unity.

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