Relieve Lower Back Pain between shoulder blades

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August 18, 2018
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August 18, 2018
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Relieve Lower Back Pain between shoulder blades

We are accustomed to try to have a good postural hygiene at work. Especially those who work sitting in front of a computer. They must not forget that this awareness of keeping our shoulders healthy. The shoulders straight should also be transmitted to other spaces such as the car. In this article we explained how to reduce you lower back pain between shoulder blades.

How many times do we get into the car and do not adequately condition the seat or the rear-view mirror, in the end maintaining a too forced posture? If in other aspects of our day to day we look for comfort, why not here? It is time to dedicate the necessary time to get a comfortable ride , especially on long trips, but also although the journey is relatively short.

Sometimes the same car is uses by several people, either because it is a company or because members of the same family drive it. By neglect we do nothing more than close the seat and move the mirror a bit, but it is necessary to take some time and look for the comfort that avoids the lumbalgias later. Another aspect to consider is security. Obviously, the less annoying we go, the more we will be on the road and the avatars of the journey.

But let’s talk about ergonomics for drivers.


That they do not have to be too stretched. We already know that the standard recommends that you can place your wrists   in the upper arch of the steering wheel while resting your back on the seat. The more flexible, the more agile the turns and gear changes.


Always semi-flexed. It is interesting to test whether we find it convenient the movement of the pedals as if we were running (clutchless thoroughly and make the game accelerator-brake). Even if you want to go further, we should do it when we wear different footwear than usual, because we already know that you do not drive the same way with a flat, with more toe or with heels . A good distance between our knees and the dashboard means that we have less risk in a possible crash.


It must be below the height of the knees, and for this you have to adjust the height of the seat. The reference is that the lower we are, the better. Always without losing visibility, of course.


Account with the ‘protegecuello’, name with which the headrest should be called since it is the best ally of the cervical ones , as much before an abrupt braking as for rest if we take a lot of time to the steering wheel. Of course nothing to remove them because they disheveled, they seem annoying or similar banalities and, in addition, they always have to be placed somewhat higher than the head. It is recommended at least 1 centimeter above it and no more than 4. The support distance while driving is not recommend to be more than 2 centimeters.


Always in total contact with the seat , trying to wrap us and as vertical as possible. In this is similar to ergonomic office recommendations, it does not matter if we tend to recline the body while the back is fully supported.


Well regulated. Currently, almost all models have  factory adjustable steering wheels , at least in height. It is important to use it and modify the setting if we change drivers. If it is also adjustable in depth, better than better.


Always straight, without the uncomfortable turns that leave it bent. The upper band should pass more or less through the center of the shoulder , for that we have the height adjustment clamp, and the part that runs through the waist should be well fit on the hip, of course without tightening, but not too lax. Remember that for pregnant women there are special accessories for belts that make them feel more comfortable in the car and are safer for the fetus, especially in the more advanced weeks of pregnancy.


We have talked about it on other occasions . If the car has storage compartments or glove compartments by hand, much better, even so we are farsighted. If we believe that we are going to need to have things at hand. We better leave them nearby and in places where they will not move . Recall that a distraction by objects of this type and more than 100 km / h, can be fatal.


If they do not cover completely and you have to travel several kilometers with the sun in front, they force you to go with your neck tense and will cause a desired cervical pain. Let’s try to accommodateourselves to the situation instead of waiting for it to happen soon . If it is necessary to stop, it stops, it is always better to drive eternally dazzled and exhausted by the posture.


It is the comfort beyond the wheel. If your car has it do not hesitate to use it , but try not to get too comfortable that you lose attention to traffic.


We already know that unless you have a Honda Goldwing or similar, it is very difficult to associate a long motorcycle trip and comfort. It is also known that the position of the bikes in which it is reclined forward is better for the back than that adopted when driving a scooter type motorcycle, where you have to try to bring your back as straight as possible so that it does not load . Anyway it is important for all cases to avoid behaviors like carrying heavy backpacks on the back, abusing the inclinations in curves or not having enough protection against the wind , something that makes us shrink the neck to try to avoid it and the posture crush us cervical.

Other Minor Observations On Ergonomics To Consider

  • When putting heavy things in the trunk , which is usually below our hips, try to have a forward leg to distribute the weight better.
  • Also when lowering the trunk door and since some are very large. We have something high, to avoid the habit of lowering with one hand and from the side of the sheet. The manufacturers and designers have taken into account that it can be difficult to lower it and they will have equipped it with a shooter. Locate it and use it always with both hands, the back pulls for this cause are a visit to the insured physiotherapist.
  • To check or access the lower parts of the car (condition of the headlights, inflated wheels, scratches …). It is preferable to always crouch with your back straight and not bend the body at a right angle.
  • For a sporadic cleaning of the windshield or hood , you know, ” give wax, polish wax “. And it’s not a joke. Do it better with circular and light movements than from top to bottom and too forced.
  • The load of the roof rack of the car, always better with help, both arms. Taking care of the position of the back, that is not force the backwards.

What Should You Know While Buying A Car?

  • To get in and out of the car. It is preferable that we help with a point of support than doing it freehand. The ideal thing for the lumbar area would be to sit sideways and turn around in the seat. Then inserting both legs to get into the driving position, but we usually put one leg first. Then the body and then the other. It’s faster, but the back works much more.
  • When buying a car, it seems silly, you have to prove it and check that it is as comfortable. The interior of a car with a standard design for a person measuring 2 meters is not the same as for the others. So if you buy a car and get on the driver’s seat, not only should you be enraptured by the finish and buttons on your dashboard, but you should also test if the seats, controls.

The best thing to take care of your back during a long driving is to stop every 200 kilometers. In this way the legs and neck are stretched, which is what our lumbar area most appreciates. Much more advisable, if we have time and desire, is to do some stretching.

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