August 2, 2018

Is it possible to be under-stressed?

The effects of stress on your man Even if the consequences of stress are not the same for all individuals, we quickly recognize the ” symptoms “: he […]
August 1, 2018

Is it normal to relieve stress through getting angry, or is something wrong with me?

More than ever we need strategies and tips against stress and normal anxieties . Everyday tasks, tasks, work, love and even people can cause stress in us. The tension and […]
August 1, 2018

How has your family helped you manage your stress?

During times of stress, our coping resources and consequently our parenting skills may require reinforcement, encouragement or even a break. A separation or divorce, an illness or […]
August 1, 2018

Is having a mental breakdown a good way to relieve stress and negativity?

A mental breakdown (also known as a nervous breakdown) is a temporary acute mental status that is associated with stress and a decrease in normal functioning. […]