Tool To Analyse
Your Body Mechanics

My tool consists of squat screen and posture screen to analyse your posture and to do functional assessments. The features provided by the tool are State of the Art and are User-Friendly so you can use the benefits of the tool to the fullest.

Get The Best Analysis With My Remotescreen Application

Features Of
The Training Plan

There is a best part in the training plan, this plan purely depends on the corrections to be made in your body mechanics or posture and each training plan is unique for each customer depending on their specific needs. Anyone can access the training plan from any part of the world.

Get The Benefits By Practising The Training Plan

Benefits Of Holistic Progam

There are lot of benefits in holistic training. It will strengthen you and will reduce your neck and back pain between shoulder blades by suggesting a Good Posture. It does not matter, if your back pain is in the upper, middle or lower back or even the shoulder pain after sleeping. It increases your strength, flexibility, mobility, coordinative ability and helps you maintain Good Health as well as a Good Posture, this automatically helps you to build self-confidence.


He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship
without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.

Leonardo Da Vinci